The Most Staggering Health Benefits Of Lemon Plum

Have you ever heard of the lemon plums before? Well, actually, lemon plums are one of the rarest fruits that you might stumble upon in a grocery store or in the market. Nevertheless, this rare fruit has a lot of essential nutrients in it, which are all beneficial for overall health. Furthermore, these nutrients are also what make up the necessary health benefits of lemon plum. These include its ability to improve increase the eye health, aid in weight loss, prevent bad effects of free radicals, lower the cholesterol levels, boost the digestive system, and improve the immunity, among others. If you want to learn more about these lemon plums, feel free to give this article a read.

Lemon Plums: What are these?

As what I have said earlier, lemon plums are one of the rarest fruits that you might come across in the market or local grocery. This is mainly due to the fact that they have just begun spreading in the international markets.

Furthermore, lemon plums are one of the native fruits of Chile. As its name implies, it has the color and the shape of a lemon. Nevertheless, the taste of this fruit is quite similar to that of the regular plum. It has a somewhat tangier lemon aftertaste, which separates it from the garden variety of plums that you can find extensively in the stores. Moreover, lemon plums are also thought to have some kind of hybrid crossover of the said two fruits, and may, in fact, be similar fruit as the Inca Plum that is scientifically known as the Prunus salicina.

Moreover, after harvesting the lemon plum, the ripening time of it is strangely long. It gets ripe somewhere between 250 to 300 hours. Its color will change from bright yellow to rosy red tint. Yet, you need to be patient as it might take more than just a week after you get it home before it’ll be ideal to consume. Moreover, the fruits are quite unusual,  so keep your eyes in the markets all throughout their season.

These fruits are widely available in South and North America. Beyond that, the market merely has not been established yet. Nevertheless, just like some other citrus fruits, they are rich in essential nutrients and a lot of health benefits for the diet.

Nutritional Value of Lemon Plums

The lemon plums are the same as the other citrus fruits. They are low in calorie levels, yet high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and dietary fiber. All of these essential nutrients may significantly affect the health.

One serving or about 100 grams of lemon plum may contain the following essential nutrients:

Calories45Sodium0 milligram
Total Fat0 gramPotassium0 milligram
     Saturated Fat0 gramTotal Carbs9 gram
     Polyunsaturated Fat0 gramDietary Fiber2 gram
     Monounsaturated Fat0 gramSugars9 gram
     Trans Fat0 gramProtein0 gram
Cholesterol0 milligram 
Vitamin A5%Calcium0%
Vitamin C12%Iron0%

Health Benefits of Lemon Plum

Here are some of the most staggering health benefits of lemon plum:

  • Helps in treating acne. The lemon plums have antioxidants in it, which helps in lowering the risk of clogging the pores, which result in You can use it in treating the damage or spots made by acne.
  • Helps in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol. The lemon plums have fiber in it, which lowers the bad cholesterol levels in the blood, as well as promote the levels of good cholesterol. Furthermore, it also lowers the risk of heart attack and various cardiovascular health conditions.
  • Helps in detoxifying the body. The antioxidants and the vitamin C contents of the lemon plums help counteract the virus that causes common cold, influenza, and flu. These are essential in detoxifying the body.
  • Helps in clearing dandruff. The lemon plums have vitamin C in it, which is beneficial in treating dandruff, it helps in enhancing the hair growth and treat dry and itchy scalp. It also lowers the problems of hair loss due to dandruff.
  • Acts as a sunscreen. Aside from providing a flawless skin, the lemon plums may act as sunscreens. The everyday consumption of the lemon plums helps in preventing the skin from harmful sun rays. It also assists in retaining the radiance when under the sun.
  • Helps in boosting the immunity. The vitamin C content of the lemon plum is essential in making the immune system stronger. Since it is rich in vitamin C, it acts as an antioxidant, promotes the white blood cells count, prevent free radical damage, and aids in creating new cells, among others.

There really are a lot of health benefits of lemon plum, so try it and see changes to your health!

Possible Side Effects of Lemon Plum

Those who have medications must consult their doctors first before consuming this fruit. This is because the fruit may have some interaction with their medication. Furthermore, those who haven’t tried eating this for allergic testing must also avoid its consumption. Not only that, but moderate consumption of lemon plum is also necessary. Aside from this, enjoy eating this deliciously good fruit for your health!


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