The Most Surprising Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut is believed to be the tree of life, and it’s true! It’s fruit works wonders on the health, particular the flesh and water of it. Coconut flesh and water help supply the body with various essential nutrients which keep you feeling full and increase your energy and endurance. It can protect your heart, lower your cholesterol, control hypertension, help with intravenous hydration, act as a remedy for chlorella and digestive system conditions, aid in weight loss and rehydrate the body. Read on to learn more about coconut water!


Scientifically referred to as Cocos nucifera, coconuts are part of the Arecaceae plant family. The seed or fruit is known as a drupe. Despite its name, it’s not a nut. Coconuts are believed to be native to the Indian Malay regions. By the start of the 15th century, coconuts had spread to various regions in Africa and Europe. The coconut palm generally grows in tropical climates, and today it can be found throughout the Indian and Pacific oceans, particular prominent in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Africa, Jamaica, the West Indies and the Hawaiian Islands.

In India, over 3,000 years ago, coconuts were regarded as sacred and offered to deities as a token of gratitude. The fruit resembles a rugby ball, with three sides to it and a hard layer of fiber covering it. They grow to about 20-30 centimeters long.

Coconut water, like its flesh, is found on the inside of the fruit. It can be used to make many coconut byproducts, including coconut meat, coconut wine, coconut milk, coconut vinegar, coconut oil and more.

Nutritional Value of Coconut Water

Coconut water contains dietary fiber, sugar, carbohydrates, fat, protein and energy. Its mineral content includes selenium, manganese, copper, zinc, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium. Moreover, the vitamins in coconut water include vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin B6, as well as folate, pantothenic acid, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin and vitamin K.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Here are some of the most surprising health benefits of coconut water:

  • Helps reduce urinary infections. Coconut water possesses diuretic properties, which helps treat urinary conditions by making it easier to expel water from the body.
  • Helps protect the liver. Studies show that the antioxidant properties of coconut water reduce the activity of various toxins in the liver.
  • Helps control hypertension. This is one of the biggest health benefits of coconut water.
  • Helps maintain heart health. Coconut water is good for heart health and has a stimulating effect on the enzymes which can help treat myocardial damage.
  • Helps normalize cholesterol levels. Coconut water may act as a deterrent for high cholesterol levels, as shown in animal studies.
  • Helps treat cholera. Fresh coconut water is essential for those who have cholera, as it helps bring back the balance of electrolytes in the body.
  • Helps improve digestion. Coconut water is essential in treating flatulence, dyspepsia, dysentery, mild diarrhea, vomiting and gastroenteritis.
  • Helps rehydrate the body. Coconut water isn’t like normal water. It is rich in vitamins and minerals which help rehydrate the body.

Precautions Against Coconut Water

There is no doubt that coconut water offers a lot of health benefits. You can add it to your daily routine to keep you hydrated, but be sure you don’t replace regular water. It’s only good as an alternative to more sugary beverages like juice or soda. Be cautious about buying commercial brands of coconut water, because a lot of them lack the essential nutrients found in fresh coconut water, instead filling it with added sugar and preservatives. These will counteract the health benefits you’re trying to get from it.


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