10 Foods to Eat When You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in a woman life. It is not less than a blessing that God gifts women to have a child of her own. However, there are various things that a woman has to take care of while she is going through pregnancy time. One of the most crucial and necessary thing that is essential to keep is a healthy nutritious diet. At this time, the body of the woman needs extra supplements, nutrients, and minerals for the better growth of the baby. Lack of it not only adversely affects child development but can also lead to post-pregnancy issues. With a diet full of healthy items and supplements you can improve yours as well as your baby health.

Here are 10 nutritious food supplements that you should have in your diet while pregnancy time.

1)    Salmon

Salmon is a really essential food item during the pregnancy period. It contains basic omega-3 fatty acids that are vital for mental development and eye improvement in your developing offspring. The long chain omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA make the bones stronger and increase the blood level in the body. A pregnant woman should take the salmon at least two times a week in the diet. Also, make sure that you don’t eat excessive seafood as it could be harmful to health.

2)    Green leafy vegetables


Eating green leafy vegetables and fruits during pregnancy is extremely essential. It keeps the brain of the baby shielded from any kind of tissue harm. Vegetables such as spinach, lentils, cauliflower etc contain folic acid that additionally diminishes the danger of neural harm of defects in the baby. It also eliminates the congenital fissure and heart diseases in an infant. Make sure that you wash the fruits and vegetables well before eating as any kind of germ can enter your body which may harm your body as well as your baby.

3)    Eggs

Eggs are undoubtedly a great source of protein and calories that one should take while going through the pregnancy. It contains almost every supplement that you need such as vitamins, minerals, fat, and proteins. Additionally, eggs contain a kind of amino acid which is known as choline. Choline is incredibly a nutritious supplement that is essential for brain development and overall good health for the child. Lack of choline consumption may increase the danger of neural defects and also decrease the brain growth capacity of the fetus.

4)       Legumes

Legumes incorporate lentils, peas, beans, chickpea, nuts, soya beans etc which are rich in plant-based fiber, proteins, calcium, iron. All these supplements are essentially required for a pregnant woman for the good health of a mother and the baby. Legumes are also rich in folate. Folate is a vitamin –b source which protects your baby from any type of neural tube defect or underweight issues. Lack of it may increase the chances of making your child more inclined to the infections or sickness.

5)    Dairy items

A woman needs to consume dairy products for keeping the working of digestive system good. The dairy product mainly Greek yogurt is extremely beneficial for pregnant woman as it includes two high-quality proteins which are casein and whey. It helps to decrease the chances of the danger of difficulties during pregnancy periods such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, vaginal issues, and hypersensitivities.

Dairy products are essential for framing solid nerve cells in the mother belly which leads to the overall brain development of the infant as well.

6)    Berries

Berries such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, artichokes etc are a good source of nutritious supplement during pregnancy. Berries are pressed with water, carbohydrates, vitamin c, fiber, and mainly antioxidants. Also, berries have generally low glycemic value and hence do not lead to a rise in sugar level. It enables pregnant ladies to increase the water intake by consuming berries in their diet.  Vitamin c also is additionally critical for skin well being and health development.

7)    Dried fruits

Dry fruits are also rich in calories, and various nutrients and proteins. Having dry fruits once a day can provide an extensive level of vitamins and minerals such as folate, iron, and potassium. All these minerals are extremely essential during pregnancy period. It is exceptionally useful for eliminating constipation. It also contains a good amount of sugar and helps in increment of calories in the body. Dates are one of the dry fruit that is high in fiber potassium and iron and helps in encourage cervical widening and decreases the labor pain during delivery time.

8)    Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc supplement and it is well known for its nutritious value. It helps to legitimate the brain structure of the baby in the mother stomach and helps in intellectual preparation of data. It is an outstanding mineral that prevents cancer agents to enter the baby body.

9)    Milk

We all know that milk is a rich source of protein and vitamins. Having milk daily complete the requirement of iron in the mother body and helps in the development of the brain of the fetus. It is rich in calcium and thus makes the bones of the mother and the baby stronger. Lack of iron supplement in the mother’s body can lead to mental retardation and can majorly affect the child overall growth.

10)    Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are indirectly a source of vitamin A as it contains beta-carotene which converts into vitamin A when goes into our body. It balances the sugar level in the body and also improves the digestive system. It is suggestible for pregnant women to intake vitamin A during the pregnancy period for better cell growth in a growing fetus.


These were some of the best food items that pregnant women are advised to take. Dairy products, legumes, green vegetables, and fruits encourage better growth and development of the baby when it is in mother’s belly. Mother nutrition creates a major impact on the growth of the baby.


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