3 Evergreen Tips to Beat Anxiety in 2017

You are at the very end of this year, a 2016 which undoubtedly, and literally, has sucked the life out of you: work, family, house-tasks. A bounce of very stressful situations which have led your mind to be stressed as well.

Let’s just stop for 5 minutes, and ask yourself some questions: Have I spent at least 15-20 minutes, every day, enjoying the beauty of this life, the beauty of staying happy with my family and my friends? Do I really feel comfortable, at ease with my self, when doing my job at my workplace? Has there been just a little stint of time in which I could consider myself really happy, a little stint of time in which I could consider myself really living in this world?

You answer will probably be: ”Yes, I can remember 3-4 times in which I could consider myself really enjoying the beauty of this world, the time spent with my friends and my family”, or, in the worst case, “Nope, actually I feel like I have no time to think about those things.. I feel that constant feeling of anxiety, a consequence of my daily rush due to work, infinite tasks, accompanied by an unbearable existence of stress”.

Anxiety is very common in US population, affecting 41 millions of Americans, loosely a 20% of US population; Anxiety itself is actually depending upon a very huge list of factors which includes stress (wether it be at work, at school or college, or due to a personal relationship), emotional trauma (as a death of a loved or a dear one) or use of drugs, as alcohol or cocaine.

The importance of beating anxiety is simple: you can enjoy the beauty of your life without that burden, and, more importantly, you’ll be able to prevent panic attacks to occur. Panic attacks are strictly related to anxiety. If you want to avoid such a situation, you may want to know what are the differences between anxiety and panic attacks.

Let’s then start with 3 evergreen tips for this new year to let you know how to deal with anxiety!


Breathe deeply. You may say that this suggestion is not useful. You are wrong! If you have tried this practice and come out with no consequences, it means you haven’t tried in the good way. You have to really breathe deeply! For at least 5 minutes! Why does this technique help? Breathing technique activates the relaxation response of your body. It really relaxes your nervous system.

Spend time with people you care

Spend time with your friend, with your family, with your loved one. Many researches suggest that social activity, i.e. having close contacts with friends and family every day, definitely leads you to sustain the adversities of life, or events that may provoke emotional trauma.

Do physical activity

Workout definitely helps you feel better. Subject your body to a 30-45 minutes of workout, run, just 2 or 3 days per week and you will immediately notice the change even in your mind!

Indeed, your brain will release endorphins every time you do physical activity. As far as we know, endorphins are very important in easing bad feelings, such as anxiety and depression.