India is the Best Place for Spine Surgery and Medical Treatment

People have surgery to get relief from back pain. Most of the cases of back pain resolve within a few days on their own. But, there are situations when surgery is the only way forward.

Surgical solution for back pain

Back surgery will relieve the numbness and tingling sensation that one gets in one or both the legs or the arms and back. The reason for this is the compressed nerve in your spine which occurs due to overgrowth of the bone or a disk problem. The rubbery cushions around the bones of your spine sometimes get damaged.

Or the bone may press too hard on some spinal nerve. Another reason is the growth of bone spurs. These will restrict the passage through which the nerves pass. You have at least nine different kinds of spine surgery, each of which involves a stay of 6 – 7 days in the hospital. The lowest cost of spinal decompression surgery in India is INR 2.25 lakh while the highest is INR 2.75 lakh.

Open or minimally invasive procedure

They do the spine decompression surgery in customary way as laminectomy. The surgeon may opt for a minimal invasive procedure through microsurgical instrumentation. The aim is to relieve the pressure on the nerve roots. Here is a look at some of the other surgeries performed for the spine.

  1. Spina Bifida
  2. Scoliosis
  3. Spine fractures
  4. Neck or back problems involving the disc
  5. Spine deformities
  6. Spinal stenosis

Spine fusion surgery

The spine becomes unstable due to a variety of reasons including trauma or infection. It could happen after one undergoes surgery for removing the spine tumour mass. In this, the surgeon will get a bone graft from the hip of the patient. He then grafts this over the damaged vertebra and in time this will grow and fuse with the bones on its either side. To give support for the bone, he uses metal implants.

Endoscopic spine discectomy

Open surgery discectomy may not always be needed. Experienced surgeons know when to do endoscopic spine discectomy through the use of an endoscope and microsurgical instruments. The surgeon makes a small incision for the endoscope and a probe is sent by imaging techniques. At the area of the diseased section, the surgeon will make a study and do the needed such as restoring a prolapsed disc.

India is an ideal place for medical treatment

Given the low spinal decompression surgery cost in India combined with the ability of the spine surgeons, it is logical to seek medical treatment in India. In fact, India ranks among the top few destinations in the world for patients who need medical treatment. They reason they choose India is mainly the potential cost saving combined with high reputation for medical excellence. The range of savings is highest in India at 60% – 85%.

The financing of the private sector in the health infrastructure makes it attractive for the medical tourist. The social stability and the interest of the government in promoting the welfare of the medical tourists also add to the comfortable ambiance. Visit the website of the hospital to get more information or book your place for surgery.