4 Benefits of Combining Cardio with Strength Training

Cardio and weight training are two specific areas for improvement. Cardio is the first word that usually comes in our mind when we think of exercise. Cardio is considered to be most efficient in weight loss, whereas weight training emphasizes on decreasing abdominal obesity in people. However, when you combine both, you can have enormous benefits to your body and health. There is no prominent evidence as to when to perform cardio and weight training to see rapid results. But the combination of two will always be going to reap more excellent benefits for the long run.

Let us understand the two kinds of exercise before moving further:

Aerobic exercise: Aerobic exercise is one such kind of activity which leads to the strengthening of heart and lungs and improves the body ability to perform day to day functions.

Strength exercise: Strength training is the exercise when you muscle contracts and gain strength to speed up your metabolism.

However, when you begin to choose your workout program, it is essential to determine the objective you wish to fulfill. Some people aim to do exercise to improve their appearance and looks. On the other hand, some want to work on their muscle strength and improve flexibility. So once you have done with determining your goals, you can understand more efficiently which kind of exercise will be beneficial for you and your body.

  • When you include weight training in your cardio workouts, it will help you to build a healthy heart rate, which further implies more calorie burn and faster weight loss.
  • Similarly, by incorporating cardio exercise in strength training will ensure the proper and sufficient supply of oxygen throughout the muscles in the body to gives strength and endurance.

So let us now discuss the 4 most significant benefits of combining cardio with strength training

Helps weight loss

Weight loss is the primary motto of every person who looks forward to exercising. It is, however, essential to analyze the kind of exercise you and your body are more comfortable with. When you combine different sorts of training with cardio, then you tend to shed your weight faster. The tendency to burn more calories will increase with the increase in intensity to work more and restless. Even after your workout, it will keep your metabolism on fire and will help you in reducing those extra pounds. The more you combine heavyweights along with aerobic exercise, the faster will be your metabolism rate and calories burned.

Improve the performance of your body

With the combination of strength training and cardio, your body will be able to transport the necessary amount of oxygen to the muscles. Improvement in muscle cells includes the movement and performance of the muscles. The body appearance will get in shape by facilitating flexibility, strength, and balance in the body. This will enable you to build your strength and to improve the overall functioning of your body.

Increase your level of motivation

Most often, we feel lazy to exercise, but when we started feeling results in our body, we focus on increasing our productivity. It elevates your mood and gives you freedom from anxiety or depression. In addition to this, it will also let you sleep peacefully and stress-free. The combination of cardio with weight training will yield positive outcomes on your body in a short period. Therefore it gives you more motivation and strength to workout daily and gets desired results.

Prevention of harmful diseases

The risk for various cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure will reduce with strength training as it decreases hypertension and bad cholesterol in the body. It enhances the blood circulation in your body and maintains a healthy heart. For all the people suffering from heart, disorders are strictly advised to follow a particular pattern on weight training with their cardio fitness program.


Most of the time, people wonder about the time taken to achieve their goals of weight loss and muscle strength. When you start doing the exercise, you should be concerned about the health benefits it is offering to your body. You should be consistent and dedicated in your approach to work hard, and you will feel motivated enough to take it as a routine. With this, your goals will get accomplished and show desired results in no time.


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