Why You Need to Try CrossFit, According to a Sports Physio

CrossFit is a popular exercise routine, building strength with varied and challenging workouts. These workouts test a different part of your body daily, with functional strength and conditioning maintaining the goal of building a healthy body that is capable of anything.

CrossFit workouts are one size fits all. Designed to be accessible to almost every member of society, these workouts can be adjusted depending on fitness levels and experience.

Check With Your Physio First

Physiotherapists are incredibly important for those participating in a CrossFit regime. Not only can physios provide advice for athletes, but any amateur participating in intensive physical activity can also benefit from a physio consultant.

Injuries can occur when someone with a mostly sedentary lifestyle participates in high-intensity workouts without appropriate preparation. According to a 2017 study, CrossFit has an injury rate of between 2.3 per 1,000 training hours, remarkably less than strongman and powerlifting.

With CrossFit injuries mainly exhibiting in the shoulders, sports physiotherapists can tailor suitable plans and treatments designed to treat this problem area.

Customized physiotherapy exercises work to keep patients in the gym and able to continue working on their fitness.

Elite CrossFit exercises can also complete their own physiotherapy plans allocated by a professional. These plans may be tailored around pre-existing pain or previous injuries and focus on not aggravating or causing further injuries.

Going forward, a sports physio Sydney CBD located can provide useful exercises and advice to avoid future bodily harm.

With safety in mind, take a look at just some of the benefits that CrossFit offers:

Build Strength

The multiple exercises in CrossFit can help to build physical strength, improving overall movement. Adding weights to the CrossFit workout can also help to build muscle.

For variation, it is best to participate in the workout of the day. These workouts are released on the official CrossFit website daily, including recommended rest days.

For new participants of CrossFit, working with a trained professional when starting out is highly recommended. Increase the weight level only as your fitness and endurance improve.

Do not participate in CrossFit if you are injured or have other health concerns. If you are unsure, talk to a sports physio Sydney CBD located.

Never lift more weight than your body is ready for. As CrossFit is a heavy workout, always check with a doctor to see if the exercise is right for you.

Boosting your flexibility is another benefit of CrossFit. An increase in flexibility levels benefits your body with a reduction in injuries and less stress.

In fact, CrossFit comes so widely recommended that even new soldiers training in America have been known to participate.


Your workout can take less than 15 minutes a day, making it a fast-paced option, perfect to fit into a busy schedule.

Learning proper form is a large benefit of CrossFit, as each exercise is watched over by a coach. Weight lifting is a popular and common exercise and a perfect opportunity for new participants.

Each and every muscle in your body gets a workout when participating in CrossFit. Whether it’s your arms from continuous push jerks, your legs from multiple air squats, or your core from handstands.

Every workout can be modified to suit your body type, requirements and capabilities. No matter your age, CrossFit was designed to work for everybody.


As a cult workout, arguably CrossFit’s biggest asset is its community. Many participants are passionate about the group dynamic and support that the classes can provide. Exercising is made much easier when amongst others who are following the same rigorous schedule.

CrossFit focuses on movements that are used daily for the everyday function of your body and includes weights your body may have to endure. Supporting your muscles through these daily movements is what CrossFit and physiotherapy are all about.

It’s Fun!

Most of all, CrossFit is enjoyable! The variation of workouts combined with the community and camaraderie of the small group sizes leaves each participant with an enjoyable experience—how many workouts can boast that?

Join your local CrossFit “Box” (a barebones, fully stocked CrossFit gym) and find out why CrossFit has such a loyal following!


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