4 Common Sports Injuries Faced By Your Kid

Children love to play sports. They’re always so full of energy that they need some sort of physical activity in order to release all that energy they have built inside of them. Playing sports and getting hurt in the process is all part of growing up and learning. I know, as parents, we wish that our kids always remain safe from getting hurt or injured and never have to face any sort of pain. However, sadly, that’s not possible, we can only try our best and take precautions to minimize the wounds our kids have to endure but remember you can never be too careful in keeping them safe.

More than 3.5 million kids under the age of 14 receive medical treatment for sports injuries, each year. This clearly indicates how none of the kids are immune from getting hurt and that you cannot stop them from sports or other activities in order to keep them safe.

All children mature at different ages, by which I mean some grow tall really quick while some may remain short and skinny for a longer period. Hence, when kids do play together there are always chances someone might get hurt. Some kids may be tougher and a slight fall or a push may not hurt them; however, some others may be comparatively weak and the slightest of falls may cause them harm. More than 775,000 children, ages 14 and under, are treated in hospital emergency rooms for sports-related injuries, each year. Listed below are some common injuries younger children occasionally face.


A concussion is an injury to the brain which may occur due to a severe blow to the head or to the body with great force that may have an impact on your brain. Concussions may be hard to spot because they may become apparent after sleeping or resting. However, at times they prove to be lethal and should be checked out by a doctor, immediately. Some indications of a concussion are nausea, headaches, dizziness and blurry vision. Concussion should not be treated lightly because they affect the way a brain works. They’re mostly common among children between the ages of 12 -15.


A sprain is a harm done to your ligament which is a tissue that unites two or more bones at a joint. A lower leg sprain is the most widely recognized athletic harm usually causing shin splints. A strain is a harm to either a muscle or a tendon. A muscle is a tissue made out of cells that control your movement. A tendon is a tissue that joins the muscle to the bone. Muscles in any part of the body can be harmed.


Over use injury

Over use injury occurs where there is repetitive trauma to the injured spot. It happens when kids just refuse to relax or rest and keep pushing themselves further and further. Now, some may call that being incredibly brave and tough, however, it’s nothing to be proud of. If you keep on applying pressure with constant movement to your sprain or your injury, it’s only likely to get worse, with newer wounds on an already injured area. There will eventually come a time where the condition may get quite serious. So, if your child is hurt it’s your duty to force him/her to rest until their particular injury has perfectly healed. Don’t listen to their ‘mom, I’m absolutely fine’ speech.


Cuts and bruises

This is by far the most common injury within kids. Bruises and cuts are part of their daily routine. Plus their skins are very sensitive, so a little push here and a slight graze against a wall is all it takes to give your child a deep blue bruise or a cut. Fortunately, these are very trivial injuries and not something to be alarmed off. If it’s a minor cut or bruise, just apply some anti-septic ointment with a bandage and your kid is good to go. However, don’t expose the wound out in the open for too long as it may get infected.