7 Foods to Help With Menstrual Cramps

menstrual cramps

Menstruation is one common thing found in women and a wide range of women experience pain from their period cramp for a day while some extend even to three days, and this happens every month.

There are many ways to deal with menstrual cramp but in this article I’m going to discuss with us 7 foods to help with menstrual cramp.

1. Take Calcium

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Intake of calcium can help to reduce the intensity of your cramp. Calcium can be found in some leafy green vegetables, almonds and also can be taken as supplements but you have to ensure your doctor is fully aware of this. Also, calcium can be seen in some dairy products, but this isn’t safe because it can as well trigger the cramps.

2. Eat Pineapple

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This fruit works as a muscle relaxant. It relaxes the muscles and therefore reduce your cramp. Most women have mood swing during their period and this fruit can help to boost your mood and make you feel much happier. You can take it any way you like, be it as juice or you want to eat it plain.

3. Tea

One of the things you must avoid during your period as a woman is caffeine because it can make you anxious and retain water, therefore, put aside coffee even if it’s your best drink and replace with pacific chai. This can help to reduce your cramps and soothe your stomach upset.

4. Eat Bananas

Have you been told that banana can help to reduce bloating? Of course it can. One of its nutritional benefits is that it helps to reduce cramping and it can best deal with your menstrual cramp.

5. Take enough water

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Regular intake of water during your period can help to solve many problems such as reducing the cramp, bloating and also keep you hydrated to prevent acne.

6. Dark Chocolate

Craving for something sweet isn’t strange during your period, but it’s one of the dangerous thing to do as it can worsen your situation by increasing your bloating. Dark chocolate is the best choice for those who can’t do away with sugar during their period because it can help to satisfy your craving, relax your muscles and keeps your mood boosted. Dark chocolate is free from fat and dairy.

7. Salmon

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This has omega 3 and vitamin D which both help with premenstrual syndrome symptoms. So it’s of great advantage to you if you add this to your diet as it helps to reduce cramp ad bloating. It has anti-inflammatory effect to keep your cramps in check.


These are natural ways you can easily deal with menstrual cramp to live happily during your period.