5 Amazing Health Benefits of Mace Oil (Javitri Oil)

Mace oil also known as ‘Javitir tel’ in Hindi, is used commonly for the solving health-related issues like joints pain, headache, depression, cold, constipation, indigestion and fever.

So for more details regarding the health benefits of mace oil read the points given below:

1. A stress-free mind

Mace oil works efficiently in providing you a relaxed mind by eliminating all kind of mental stress, trauma, anxiety, fatigue and depression from your mind. This oil can also be used effectively for the people who are going through problems like Alzheimer, memory loss, dementia and lack of concentration.

For solving the above issues just give a light massage of mace oil to your head for around 10-15 minutes.

2. Muscles and joints pain

Along with mental stress, mace oil also works significantly in providing you freedom from physical stress and pain.

For making yourself free from the pain of arthritis, joint and muscles pain, you should start giving a light massage of mace oil to the affected parts of your body.

3. Digestive problems

Mace oil is inbuilt with many medicinal properties which help in resolving all your stomach related issues like indigestion, constipation, gastritis, diarrhea, gall stones and bloating.

Inhaling the soothing aroma of mace oil in a tissues paper or a hankie can help you to give better results. You can also massage your stomach with an oil mixture consisting of 2 drops of Mace oil, 1 drop of orange oil and 4 ml of sesame oil.

4. Eliminates sexual disorders

Usage of mace oil can be done effectively for eliminating all the sexual disorders like premature ejaculation, sperm count, loss of libido and lack of sexual desire in men’s.

The people going through the above issues should add 5 drops of mace oil and 2-3 drops of ashwagandha oil in a bathtub. Take a 10 minutes bath before you go to bed for making out any sexual love with your partner.

5. Mace oil for menstrual cramps

In women’s mace oil works great for reducing the pain caused during menstrual cramps. For this, you need to add 3 drops of mace oil, 2 drops of wormwood oil and 20 ml sesame oil in a bowl. Give a gentle massage to your lower abdomen, thighs and lower back with the oil mixture.

Moreover, mace oil can also be used for controlling nausea, mood swings, headache and other symptoms associated with menstruation.