5 Best Foods to Eat for Vitamin D

5 Best Foods to Eat for Vitamin D

Vitamin, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins, everything is required by a human body in an adequate or sufficient amount to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our daily diet should definitely include an appropriate amount of all the vitamins, carbs and fats etc. to avoid diseases like heart attack, strokes, and diabetes.

Here we are talking specifically about vitamins which are required by the human body for normal growth. An appropriate amount of vitamins in the daily diet can be really advantageous.

The foremost important vitamin which is required by our body is Vitamin D. It plays a substantial role in maintaining calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood. Other than this there are several other advantages of Vitamin D. It supports the entire lung function and cardiovascular health. It also helps in proper growth of teeth and bones. Apart from this, Vitamin D also assists the immune and nervous system.

We’ve already figured out the benefits of Vitamin D. Now proceeding towards the food items which contain Vitamin D.

Below is the list of foods which contain Vitamin D and should be the part of your daily meal, have a look and try to make them a part of your daily diet.

Soy Milk:

Soy Milk, Soy, Soybean, Soy-Milk, Organic, Seed

Soy milk contains dried soya beans which are ground and stirred in water which is later filtered out. It contains sufficient amount of Vitamin D which means just a single cup of soy milk can increase the amount of Vitamin D in your body to a really great extent.

Orange Juice:

Fresh Orange Juice, Squeezed, Refreshing, Citrus, Drink

Orange juice is the greatest source of Vitamin D which helps in purifying the blood. Other than this orange juice also contains Vitamin C which helps in keeping your skin fresh and healthy.


Although many dairy products do not contain Vitamin D, there is one dairy food item which contains a specific amount of Vitamin D which can be sufficient for your entire body need. Cheese is also beneficial in several distinctive ways like it helps in gaining weight, healthy growth of teeth and bones and much more.

All kinds of Fish:

Vitamin D is present in almost all kinds of fish. Whether you like salmon, tuna or perch, all contain lots of Vitamin D which is perfect for your body. Most of the people prefer eating meat and chicken over fish, but what they don’t know is that fish can be quite beneficial as it provides a lot of Vitamin D to help your body develop better.

Egg yolks:

Egg yolks might seems disgusting to some people, but they are actually really beneficial. Egg yolks too contain a lot of Vitamin D which is necessary for human body. Whether you want to eat a half boiled egg, half fried egg or full boiled egg, just make sure you regularly eat egg yolk to maintain Vitamin D in your body.

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If you too are wondering that which food to eat to maintain normal Vitamin D levels in your body then keep on reading as there are a lot of similar informative articles coming. This is it for today. Stay connected and make sure you include these meals in your daily diet. We assure you that we will come up with some more informative and useful articles. Till then, keep sharing and keep loving our writings.


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