5 Reasons Why Pizza Can Actually Be Healthy For You?

It is believed that junk foods harm your health and pizza is one among them. Surprisingly, there are many health benefits of eating pizza. Whether you have a quick bite of pizza slices on your outing with the friends or in the morning after a full night out, it is going to offer wonderful health benefits.

Help in fighting cancer

I know you would want to continue your pizza eating habit after knowing its ability to fight deadly diseases like cancer. The tomato sauce which is used in making pizza contains lycopene that has potential to fight against the deadly diseases like cancer and heart diseases. However, it is suggested for a couple to have two slices a week and ensure it served hot to get the best benefits.

Boost immunity

Pizza sauce contains plenty of vitamin C an important nutrient to fight against germs that causes cold and flu. If you pizza sauce contains oregano, it will boost your immunity even more. Carvacrol, an active ingredient of oregano will help in balancing blood sugar in the body and keep your liver healthy.

Contains nutritious ingredients


This holds true depending on the toppings that you order for your pizza.  If you are asking for double cheese, plenty sausage toppings, it will not do any favor in consumption. Instead, ask for toppings like thin whole grain crust to make you feel full on consuming little. Ask for the topping s with the nutritional benefits like broccoli, garlic, pineapple, and parmesan to enjoy the healthy and delicious and nutritional diet.

It covers all food groups

Consumption of the single item in the day will not complete your dietary intake. You need to cook food with different nutritional values. On the contrary, eating pizzas will get you all the required nutritional intake for a day at a go. There is no need to make 5 different meals to balance your dietary intake in a day. Pizza contains everything fruits, gains, vegetables dairy and lean meat in one single slice. Tomatoes and pineapple will balance your fruit diet, broccoli, red pepper, spinach goes in for your veggies. Cheese will always be there dairy lean meat is supplemented with chicken toppings.Let not forget the grain intake you get on consumption of pizza with grain crust.

Boost your brain


The best part of eating pizza is it will boost your brain; spinach which is one of a veggie ingredient of the float that boosts health and blood circulation in the brain. It is scientifically proven that regular consumption of spinach will reduce cognitive decline in elderly people because it contains vitamin K.  Ingredients of pizza can affect your serotonin and hormone levels.

If you are worried about consuming food outside, you can prepare pizza with home ingredients.  You make it with the ingredients you like.  This helps you control the ratio of the toppings you want to add on the pizza. Choose to have a more healthy topping and less on fatty ingredients.


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