5 Reasons Why Ice Skating Is the Best Winter Workout

Ice skating is a hobby for many people but ice skating actually comes up with enormous health benefits. During winter many people move to a frozen lake for enjoying ice skating. Ice skating involves various activity such as stability, control, challenge, strength, etc. that makes it a fun and healthy activity for people of all age group. Ice skating is thus a perfect outdoor activity for those people who are fit, healthy and are actually looking for some excitement and challenge. Needless to say that ice skating is a calorie torching, leg stretching and muscles strengthening activity that can make you fit and healthy in the whole winter season. The following are some reason why ice skating is considered the best workout during the winter season:

1. Improve Joint And Muscles Health:


While a person does ice staking almost all the body parts and muscles of his body needs to work. Apart from that, at the time of gliding, it is required to move the legs synchronously. This activity plays an important role in joint flexibility and also helps in building up the abdominal muscles. In ice skating, you mainly have to concentrate on lower body movement. As a result, while doing ice skating you get the opportunity to build and tone up the muscles of your legs over time. Thus while you do a lot of fun in gliding around the ice, you automatically get the opportunity to work out even you do not realize that.

2. Helps in Improving Balance and Burning Calories:

When the muscles and joints are strengthening with the help of ice skating, it certainly helps in improving the balance. At the time when a person tries to stand on the ice, he actually engages his muscles and bones. It actually tones the legs which ultimately help the person in controlling his body and endurance and thereby improve his balance.

As per the survey of Harvard Medical School, it is reported that if a person performs one hour of ice skating daily then it will burn up 200 calories of his body. In another research, it is found that a person weighing 150 pounds can burn 392.93 calories of his body if he performs ice skating for one hour daily. That means while you do ice skating along with a healthy diet it can help you in a great way to reduce or maintain the body weight. It is certainly much more effective than performing yoga or exercise as far as the loss of calories is concerned. Those the person who wants to reduce their weight ice skating is a very good option.

3. Helps in Stress Management:

When a person performs ice skating especially in the winter season endorphins is released in his brain and thereby it helps in a great way to relieve the mental stress. Ice staking requires many stunts such as crossovers, spinning, going forward and backward, etc. and thus it also boosts your self-confidence and helps in improving the concentration level. Apart from that, when ice skating is done in outdoor you get fresh air and shine that also helps in enhancing your mood. Also when a person does ice-skate in the midst of the company of friends and family it helps in a great way in unwinding your stress. If a person stays in the ice for an hour it helps in relaxing both your body and mind.

4. Enhance Cardiovascular Health:

When a person performs ice skating he has to go through a huge aerobic workout. Since aerobic exercise is very important in enhancing the cardiovascular health ice skating can help you in a great way to keep you away from the cardiovascular So while you perform ice skating you automatically get an aerobic workout even without recognizing it. The more you perform ice skating the more will be the chance of enhancing cardiovascular health. The best thing about ice skating is that you can get the benefit of both swimming and running.

5. Improve Endurance:

While you perform the aerobic exercise you need energy for an extended period of time and thus it helps in building the endurance. It is true that every exercise helps in building the endurance but ice skating is much better than any other type of exercise and works out since in case of ice skating it is required to keep your body engaged for a long period of time. That is the reason why ice skating helps you in building endurance of the muscles.

These are some vital reasons why ice skating is considered the best work out that you can have during the winter season. Thus, it is not on the fun that ice skating can provide you in the winter but it also comes up with huge health benefits.


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