5 Tips For A Motivated & Healthy Life!

Life is indeed stressful but it’s all about motivation, passion and striking a balance of mind, body and soul that can get you going all along without bending. Self-motivation is the key to fighting these challenges and controlling your health.

1. Define the goals

Goals are simply just good intentions and to achieve them, there has to be a strategy. Plan the meals, workouts and other activities a week in advance, however, keep a margin for last minute changes. Stay committed to your workout routine, the time spent at the gym or playing any other sport as well as how it fuels your body. Write down the plan or have it printed and stick to your bedroom door, make sure it stays right in front of the eyes.

You can extend weekly goals into long-term plans that can last to six weeks, three months or even a year. Make sure the goals are achievable with high and optimistic incentives keeping the element of creativity so you learn something new every day. Make sure these goals are lined up to the daily goals and relevant to personal motivation. Query yourself such as what sparks up motivation in you? Is it weight loss, cardiovascular exercises or any other factor!

2. Cherish yourself

When health is a concern, avoid sports drinks and nibbles. Go for a massage, purchase a new workout gear, have a one-to-one discussion with a personal trainer or even interior decoration such as fresh flowers on the dining table is also rewarding. In short, there has to be an activity once a day that you like doing which keeps the motivation up!

3. Find a challenge

Trying something new every day and taking challenges don’t just sparks learning but builds confidence. It can be anything from a power yoga class, low-calorie dinner from your favourite fitness gazette or 200 push-ups a day! While these classify physical challenges, get involve with brain activities as well such as crossword challenge to keep the mind fresh.

4. Fun & fitness

Of course, it’s easy heading to the gym every day and follow the usual routine but it doesn’t have to be a drag. Why not try that Zumba class you’re eager for and don’t be afraid to show what you got! Climb a mountain on a bright day and enjoy a breath-taking view. Don’t be afraid of dirt and mud combined with other such sports. Remember, the workout can be fun if you throw a creative touch as long as it isn’t violating the laws.

5. Take a friend

Find a friend who’s also eager for a motivated and healthy life as the old saying goes, “two hands are better than one”! Both of you will motivate each other and who knows the bunch would exceed two and you’ve more than a dozen partners ready to take the challenge after a month!


Motivation, inspiration and dedication are always there, you just have to find it in yourself and exploit the best to get even better and lasting results. Take some help from tips discussed above and experience the change yourself!