What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a very common factor. Every man feels anxiety. Anxiety is a kind of nervous disorder which creates from excess discomfort. when a man falls in an embarrassing moment, he starts to feel discomfort and if he is not able to understand what to do, then he starts to feel anxiety. It can be a panic if it goes out of control. Then we call it mental diseases. and nowadays exercise becomes very enjoyable with the amazing elliptical machines. Try it, it will help you lot.

When the anxiety of a man becomes mental diseases, then he starts feeling anxiety in every small work. He starts facing the problem even with dealing small task. This anxiety can create a great impact in your work, personal life. In theses case, many patients have to face side effect of taking medicine but this problem can be vanished by maintaining some rules.


Exercise is an excellent way to reduce anxiety. Exercise will not only remove your anxiety but also it will make you free from all kinds of emotional problem. Regular exercise keeps our mood cool and it helps us to get a sound sleep and also it helps us to lessen stress and even it enhances our self-confidence. In a research, it has been proven that even 10 minutes walking helps to lessen stress. so, whenever you feel uneasy you can perform exercise.


Meditation helps you to get peace inside. Regular meditation will increase your Endurance strength. Meditation will also increase your mental awareness, it will also help to lessen stress and will make a habit of sound sleep. Sitting in a quiet place, Thinking about yourself etc can be a part of your meditation. You should do the meditation which you like. If you continue meditation, your anxiety problem will become less day by day.

Browse less on social media sites

In a recent research it has been seen that people who use facebook, twitter, Instagram have more anxiety problem than others. That might be because they always used to compare themselves with others. Seeing the smiley face of their friends they think that, they are happy and I am unhappy. Most of the people have this problem. So, you should use social media site as much as you need but not as an addicted.

Stop taking caffeine

Though most of the time drinking coffee is good for health but taking caffeine can increase your anxiety. Caffeine creates impact in our thoughts as it creates impact in insomnia. so, if you want to get relief from a panic you should avoid caffeine.

Anxiety is not the solution to any problem. So I suggest you besides following theses tips you should also find the reason personally, which thing make you anxious most and you should work on it. If you do this I hope your anxiety will become less at least 50%.