7 Calisthenics Workouts for Beginners and Its Benefits

In the current scenario, we can see millions of people are struggling without following the proper health maintenance. Even some of them are feeling difficult to walk as well due to excess of weight. At this stage, people are seeking various ways to reduce their weight. On the other side, you may even witness the people who always want their body fit and healthier. For those people, they need to follow the best workouts for a better outcome. If you are one of them, then the below discussion with different workouts would be helpful and beneficial on the whole for sure.

Generally, when it comes to beginner level, it is always important for you to follow the basic workouts. Well, the thing is following the basic level of workouts are always going to be helpful and at the same time, they are fun to do. But the thing is even the basic level of workouts won’t support you to do in an easier way. Yes, but still it requires maintaining your body from the base level itself. Here, we will be going to witness the 7 calisthenics workouts for beginners. Along with that, you are also going to know more about the benefits.

1. Hollow body hold

It is mainly said to be the perfect push up and also considered to be important as well as a popular one. So, people who all are always looking for calisthenics workout, then this exercise will take place on the list for all the time. When it comes to this exercise, you can easily learn it that too in a short period. The technique using in this exercise is always important. Before using this exercise, make sure to know how to do without losing the skills.

2. Bodyweight Dips

For information, dips are considered to be the fantastic exercise which will be helpful in gaining strength when it comes to the chest as well as shoulders in a better way. If you are looking for this exercise, then this workout can be done with the support of parallettes, dip bars and others. Even you can do it using sofas and chairs. To learn this exercise, it mainly requires controlled push strength. However, at the end of the day, it offers the best level of benefits. In order to do this exercise, don’t be rush but try to do slow as much as possible.

3. Pull Ups

This is the main exercise where most of the beginners are feeling that is quite hard to handle. However, whenever you are handling this exercise, it is important for you to focus on progressions which are split into different numbers. At this stage, most of the experts would recommend the first progression that is said to be the bodyweight row. The thing is it supports you to its potential in a perfect manner. In case, if you are used to visiting the gym often, then make sure to use the smith machine. Yes, it will be helpful for you to adjust the bar height that whenever you want and as per your wish and convenience. Once done, then it will be easier for you to do this exercise.

4. Chin Ups

If you are looking ahead to gaining the strength in your shoulders, biceps, core, chest and back, then Chin Up is the best workout that you should focus on it. People who used to perform this exercise in a perfect manner, then this workout could be the great upper body exercises for sure. When it comes to handling this workout, it contains a few progressions. Yes, you need strength to do this first chin up. For information, it is the band assisted ones. So, it mainly helps to perform in a better manner. Once following the correct technique to build up the strength which is required, then you can jump into the next progression.

5. Plank

One should keep it in mind that getting core is always necessary. Yes, it helps to stabilize ourselves once started following a certain level of exercises. The thing is when it comes to a strong core, and then it supports other workouts as well.  It is also important to know that plank is always said to be the best and effective one. If you start to handle the exercise in a good manner, then it will be helpful to build the core strength up. It is the main benefits that you can experience it once started handling this best workout.

6. Squats

If you start to focus on this exercise, then it will offer you a lot of benefits to experience. Yes, it does not only help to build strong legs but also tone your muscle and encourage losing your weight. When you are planning to handle this exercise, make sure to follow the right technique without missing it. So, before going to start this workout, it is essential for you to focus on the right technique and learn it properly.

Once started following this exercise, then it will be helpful for you to gain strength in the entire body. Even you can add weight while handling this exercise. If it is done in a proper way, then you may start to experience the weight loss.

7. Push-ups

Well, it is the simplest exercise that encourages gaining more muscle and strength. When it comes to push-ups, then it will be helpful to aim the delts, pectorals, chest, core and triceps for building the strength throughout the entire body. If you are a focus on the push-up, then it may be hard for you to do for the first time. Here, you can also find different progressions like wall push up and others. However, at the end of the day, it will be easy for you to push the strength. If it is done, then you can move into the next progression.

Wrapping up

So, if you are in the beginning level, then the above mentioned 7 calisthenics workouts are going to be helpful for sure. At the same time, you will be experiencing the benefits in your body.


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