7 Health Fitness Tips

Health Fitness Tips

The importance of a healthy lifestyle cannot be underlined. Most of us rarely take time out for ourselves in the fast paced life of today. Despite the fact that we cannot eliminate stress from our everyday life, it is important to have stress busters to deal with them effectively. Now the question arises that what exactly qualifies for a healthy lifestyle.

In simple terms, a person has healthy lifestyle if he/she does not smoke, works out regularly, has a balanced diet including all necessary nutrients needed by the body, and is in the appropriate weight bracket according to his/her height. It is not doing or adopting one or two healthy habits or activities or quitting one or two unhealthy ones. As evident by the name, it is a life style that is reflected in everything we do.

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  • Breakfast, the single most important meal of the day should not be missed at any cost especially since it has proven to improve concentration levels and help control body weight.


  • The positive impact of a regular work out routine can never be overemphasised. Doctors recommend working out at least five times a week for increasing heart rate, improving concentration, and energy levels. Regular work outs offer a classic opportunity of staying healthy naturally that most of us are missing out.

  • Research has proven that human body needs at least eight hours of sleep everyday. Sleeping less than eight hours a day has been known to cause brain damage. Consequently, it is of utmost importance to sleep peacefully for at least eight hours everyday.

  • Non smokers brush aside second hand smoke as not being as harmful as smoking. However, one needs to keep in mind the fact that even second hand smoke has serious health related consequences and can reduce your life span by up to six minutes.


  • It is a better option to consume smaller portions at regular intervals rather than having three super sized (unhealthy) meals since it helps stabilize one’s blood sugar level and accelerating metabolism.

  • Alcohol is the most abused drug in almost all countries across the world. Underage drinking has shown to negatively impact ones intellectual ability and is the most frequent cause of road accidents. Moreover, doctors recommend consuming maximum of three to four units of alcohol per day for a healthy life style.

  • Nutritionists recommend having at least eight to ten glasses of water everyday because even sight dehydration can increase the amount of stress hormones released in the body. The more you rely on fresh water and fruit juices the better. Try avoiding caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and preservatives at all costs.


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