8 Beard Grooming Tips- Ways to Maintain Healthy and Long Beard

The beard look is quite in trend these days, all thanks to our Bollywood heroes like Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, who have inspired the youth for this look. The key to a full and healthy beard is patience. While some men naturally get the desired beard, some have to work hard to achieve the beard look they want. A good beard care regime is a must for getting the desired look. To help you maintain your beard, here we have listed some beard grooming tips and tools that you must follow

8 Best Ways to Groom your Beard

1. Select a Beard Style

First thing first decide the beard length and style you want to maintain. Choose a beard style that goes well with your face type. Also, make sure you do not have any rashes or allergies due to facial growth; if that is the case you have to treat your skin problem first.

If you have a square face, you can consider short facial hair on sides and fuller on the chin. People with a round face can grow long hair on the bottom and short hair on the sides. Whereas, fuller sides and short facial hair at the bottom are ideal for Oblong and rectangular face shape. If you have an oval face you can choose to grow any of the above beard styles since most of the beard styles go well with the oblong face shape.

2. Wash and Clean your Beard

Once you know the beard style you have to achieve, it’s time to move ahead with beard grooming tips. Like your hair, you do not have to wash your beard every day. The idea is to keep it clean and soft. A beard wash is one of the most required beard grooming products. Invest in a good beard wash that goes well with your facial hair type and does not itch your skin.

For a healthy and soft beard, you can wash it twice or thrice in a week or more according to your beard type. An ideal beard wash will remove all the dust and impurities from the beard and skin underneath. Online men grooming store like Beardo has an extensive range of brad wash and other beard grooming products. You can select the best for yourself and save money by using Beardo promo codes while shopping online.

3. Tame it with Beard Softener

A beard softener is similar to a hair conditioner. It provides optimum nutrition to facial hair and prevents frizziness. Once you wash your beard with beard wash, apply the softener and leave it for a few minutes and rinse it with tap water. It will hydrate your beard and make it soft and manageable. Here is a small beard grooming tip- Look for a beard softener that has no or fewer chemicals and is free from the sulfate. For best results, you can even use it as a leave-in conditioner.

4. Oil it Regularly with Beard Oil

Most of the male massage their beard with the hair oil, which is not recommended. One of the best tips for beard care is to apply a few drops of beard oil regularly and massage well the area so that it absorbs the oil. Facial hair is coarser and dry; thus, they need extra nutrition and care, which only bread oil can provide. Plus, it keeps beard-ruff (beard dandruff) at the bay. All these qualities make it one of the must-have beard grooming products.

One of the major mistakes that men make is that they apply beard oil before cleaning or washing the beard. This does not help your beard, in fact, it makes it more soiled and greasy. To get the best results always apply a beard in a cleaned beard.

5. Apply Beard Balm to Maintain your Facial Hair

Each grooming product has its importance and benefits, and so does beard balm, which makes it an essential beard grooming products especially for people who like fuller and thicker facial hair. A beard balm is different from the beard oil. The oil provides optimal hydration, and the balm keeps your unruly hair on place giving you an attractive look. The prominent ingredients found in beard balm are beeswax and butter. Both the ingredients are beneficial for the growth and maintenance of your beard.

You do not have to apply a beard balm from the initial stage; you can start applying it once your facial hair gets dense and long. It will hold the stray hair and give your beard a well-sculpted look. A small amount of beard balm would be sufficient for all types of beards and long hours.

6. Brush and Comb your Beard Regularly

Brushing beard regularly is amongst the best beard grooming tips. Both combing and brushing helps improve blood circulation and promotes healthy hair. Some of the benefits of brushing and combing the beard include- the natural oil is evenly distributed in the hair follicle, and it also improves the texture of the hair. Facial hair is generally curly and vulnerable to tangles and knots. A beard brush prevents all the snags from keeping your hair fuzz-free and prevents ingrown hair. Plus, regularly brushing will also help your beard to grow in a way you want.

7. Trim your Facial Hair Regularly

Trimming will help you keep control over the length of the beard and maintain its health. It will also promote hair growth. No matter how much care you take of your beard, they tend to get rough and hard, which can only be cured by trimming. You can either visit the salon or invest in a trimmer. Make sure the trimmer you’re planning to buy has all the attachments that help to achieve the beard style you want and works best on your beard length.

8. Eat Right For Healthy Beard

Your diet plays a crucial role in your beard growth. Some of the important nutrients that you must include in your diet are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Biotin, Niacin, Zink. All these nutrients increase the blood circulation, which further helps in hair growth. These nutrients also enhance and repairs tissue growth.


Now when you have decided to have a fuller beard that compliments your look, it’s time to pay attention to beard grooming tips. In this blog, we have capsulated a few beard grooming products and tips that will help you in the long run to maintain a healthy beard.


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