Five Must Have Outfits to Make Your Monsoon Stylish

Monsoon is just around the corner again. Taking off the deadly heat away, those tiny raindrops give us joy and happiness. While it’s fun to enjoy the Monsoon from your balcony, it’s revolting if you have to go out. The feel of drenching in the rain is fun, but if you have to travel for work or any important meeting, Monsoon can be unpredictable and ruin your reputation with simple raindrops. That’s when you need to get conscious of your monsoon clothing. Need some help? Read through the article and find out the five must-have clothes to make your Monsoon stylish.


Culottes are one of the best alternatives for jeans in Monsoon. You can pair it up with anything from casual tops to Kurtis. These are the best options when you particularly have to go out or walk in the rain. The rain mud stains that ruin every bottom can’t reach to a culotte as they’ve got the cropped legs.

Styling Ideas:

  • If you’re option Culotte for an evening casual outing, wear a simple crop-top or t-shirt with simple oxidised jewellery to style them up.


  • Office traditional day? Don’t worry. Pair up a Culottes with knee-length, collared Kurti. Tie your hair into a messy bun with some statement earrings and stand out of the crowd.


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If you want to have some go-to options in your wardrobe, your first pick should be shorted. It doesn’t require much effort to style, easy-going, and goes with almost everything. You can find shorts in all fabrics and several prints and types that can make your days simple.

Styling ideas:

  • For a casual day out, simply put on denim shorts with a white T-shirt or shirt. Pull-on a tote bag and fun sneakers to go with. You’re absolutely good to go.


  • If you seek a different and trendy look, there’s a trend of denim painting these days, which turns out the shorts in a beautiful way. Bring the artist in you out and paint your denim to give it a new look or get it done from some artist friend of yours. These kinds of painted or printed denim go well with the solid tops. You can use simple studs or junk jewellery with some nice leather boots to pair up with for accessories.


Monsoon is one of the best times to experiment with playsuits. Playsuits are simple yet fun outfits that can steal anyone’s eyes when you’re around. With good styling knowledge, you can rock any kind of occasion with playsuits effortlessly. Let’s see some ideas of that kind.

Styling ideas:

  • If you need a party playsuit, you need to choose bright colors. Try out a solid black playsuit with dark red lipstick and big hoops and tell us if that looked hotter than your regular black dress. Also, don’t forget to use heeled wedges or stilettos.


  • You can choose neon colors or floral printed playsuits with some fun tassels for a pool or beach day. You can accessorise this outfit with big junk earrings, cane hats, flip flops or slip-on.

Midi Dresses:

Midi Dresses have always been in the trending list of outfits. The length of it is not too much to touch the feet and not too short to stay conscious all the time. And for the Monsoon, midi dresses give the comfortable effect keeping you safe from the chilly air. Let’s see some styling ideas of Midi dresses.

Styling Ideas:

  • Midi dresses have a variety of collections in different styles. Shimmer or silk dress with a body-con fit that can fix any kind of party. You can pair these up with stylish jackets or scarfs for monsoon winters and accessorise with boho jewellery and stilettos.


  • Chiffon, georgette, or crepe kind of fabrics with A-line silhouettes for evening day-outs or any casual days. You can also try animal, floral prints or embroideries to add more look to it. And, pair this up with thigh-high boots, and simple chain necklaces, bracelets.

Jackets & coats:

Monsoon evenings can get chillier and can expect unexpected rains. Carrying a jacket or coat in this condition would help get over these unexpected situations. But these jackets don’t have to look hideous or ugly. There are thousands of stylish designs available in the market at affordable prices to make Monsoon stylish and cool.

Styling Ideas:

  • Offices are something that we can’t skip, but the weather doesn’t work the way we want. In this case, you can opt for solid or checked coats in formal colors that add a comfy yet stylish look to your office outfits.


  • If you’ve to go out in the Monsoon evenings, it is suggested to take a coat. But to make sure it is fashionable, try the cross printing. If your top is solid, try a printer overcoat or jacket. But if you’re wearing a printed top, opt for a solid jacket or coat.

Here we go! With a lot of stylish info to make your Monsoon brighter and better. When you shop for a Monsoon outfit next, make sure to try on the above styles and thank us later. Happy Monsoon to you!

Author’s Bio: 

Manvitha Tenneti is a pure south Indian by heart and soul. Her love is cupcakes and friends. Her journey towards content writing started unexpectedly but going successfully.



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