7 Must Have Accessories That Can Transform Any Outfit

We all fall into the situation of having a cupboard full of clothes but ‘nothing to wear’ many times. Many people don’t like to repeat the outfit or style at work and seek new trends that lead to this situation. But what if I tell you that few simple additions that can dramatically transform your outfit? Are you all ears now? Then let’s dig deeper and see the seven essential accessories that everyone should have to add a twist to their regular boring looks:

1. Studs:

Studs are the most underrated accessories, but if you’ve ever seen observed movies, they take a great place, bringing a cool to the outfit. All we have to keep in mind is that studs don’t have to be boring and you can experiment with some funky ones too.

Styling Ideas:

a. When you wear a printed top or floral dress, try to match your dress with solid but poppy coloured studs so that they can grab attention.

b. You can experiment with different funky and stylish earrings to go with if you’re choosing a light coloured, everyday top.

c. For formals too, Studs workout as gems just that you need to select some subtle options in matching colors or gold or silver without any extra embellishments.

2. Layered chains:

Have you ever seen people wearing 2 or 3 layered chains on a plain top in any magazines or films? That looks so stunning. Isn’t it? Then why shouldn’t we give it a try? We must. We all have those boring pieces of outfits in our wardrobe that we neither wear nor get rid of them. For all those forbidden pieces, you can add these layered chains as an added embellishment and flaunt it like new.

Styling Ideas:

a. Who else here feels wearing jeans and a plain t-shirt is boring but comfortable? I think everyone. Just tuck the t-shirt in and wear a multi-layered chain to top it off. I’m sure everyone will praise the look.

b. A turtle neck, solid top with a two-layered chain with small lockets paired up with a pencil skirt is an excellent combination for work-spaces. For reference, check out Alicia Sierra from Money Heist-4. Now you got it, right!

3. Stilettos:

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It’s understandable that many of us feel uncomfortable wearing stilettos, but the look it gives can’t be compared with anything else. Many stylists say that every woman must have a solid or nude pair of stilettos just to rock any unpredicted situation. When you feel secure and tall, you feel confident. So, get a pair for yourself now and make it a part of your life.

Styling Ideas:

a. Slim jeans with a simple t-shirt, with a cardigan and hot stilettos, and trust me not can beat those bossy looks.

b. To overcome the formal look, Try a pencil skirt or formal pants with a suit and solid stilettos. Stand tall and feel confident.

4. Tote Bag:

If there’s any comfortable fashion in this world, I’d say that’s a tote bag. Easy to carry and can fit everything that is required in it. But they’re not away from being fashionable too. All the top brands of the world have tote bag editions to them to deliver a comfortable yet stylish living to it.

Styling Ideas:

a. If you want to experiment with a junk look, you can choose neon-colored bags or funky-printed ones.

b. Totes are useful for everyday use. A plain bright coloured tote bag would be a perfect idea for any casual day or outing.

5. Silk Scarf:

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Many people wear silk scarves as a fashion statement. You can literally use them with any outfit and wear it in different styles. Hang it in the neck, circle it around the neckline, fashionably cover your head, and a lot more ways to flaunt it with a single piece. This unique feature of it makes the silk scarf a must-have addition to every wardrobe.

Styling Ideas:

a. If you’re going for a casual day-out look, simply twist it twice around your neck or just let it hang through your bag.

b. A party look with differently styled scarfs is also a great idea to look special. 

6. Cuff:

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A Cuff bracelet always gets noticed immediately and gets you compliments. They stand-out well out of any other jewellery. 

Styling Ideas:

a. Have a collection of statement cuff bracelets like oxidizes, designer pieces, or more fun and funky items to style your party outfits.

b. You can choose solid, glass, or printed cuffs to complement your outfits for a regular day.

7. Waist belts:

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Waist belts are one of the smartest accessories ever invented. It magically turns any simple outfits to brilliant looking ones. And if one simple element like this can bring elegance, why not use it, right?

Styling Ideas:

a. For a barbeque party or evening events where you prefer to wear simple printed dresses, a suitable solid waist belt is a very good touch to stand out.

b. You can use them with the tops for jeans and skirts to give a high-waist look to the dress but make sure the tops are solid. 

As they say, fashion is a pain; we all know it’s necessary, at least occasionally. But with simple items like above, we can change the whole look of even a boring outfit. So, next time try the above things and thank us later. Stay fashionable.

Author’s Bio:

Manvitha Tenneti worked in several fields before she found her interest in writing. She has an experience of more than a year in writing. She’s a Hyderabadi, who literally hates Biryani but cooks delicious food.


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