9 Beneficial Ways to Use Lemon

The healing properties of lemon have been known since ancient times. Ancient doctors actively used lemons in the treatment of lung diseases, typhoid, malaria, and even plague. Lemons protected sailors from scurvy and colds. Lemons are still an excellent source of essential substances and can boost immunity. But this superfruit has many other great properties. Find out what are they in our article.

1. Lemon as a source of electrolytes

Lemons are rich in electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium. Many people don’t even know that this combination can turn into a good sports drink. Instead of wasting money on sports drinks that contain a lot of sugar, you can make a much more wholesome drink at home. Simply stir 40 ml of lemon juice in 1 liter of water, add 3 tablespoons of honey, and a quarter tablespoon of salt.

2. Lemon as an immune system booster

If you feel sick, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice and honey. One lemon contains about 50% of the total daily vitamin C intake. It also contains minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper which perfectly boost the immune system.

3. Lemon as a remedy for nausea and motion sickness

Motion sickness is a pretty unpleasant thing especially when it occurs when traveling or during vacation. If there are no medicines on hand and there is no pharmacy nearby, you can try holding a slice of lemon in your mouth. This will help you feel better since lemons are a great way to fight nausea.

4. Lemon as a remedy for a hangover

We all sometimes make a mistake and then regret in the morning that we drank too much alcohol. If you made this mistake again and now feel awful, lemon can help you. This fruit not only fights against nausea and supplies the body with electrolytes but also helps to remove toxins from the liver. Squeeze a lemon into water and drink it.

5. Lemon as a means of combating extra pounds

The fact that you eat lemons will not make your body slimmer. Nevertheless, in combination with a proper diet and exercise, daily lemon consumption will contribute to weight loss. Lemon accelerates metabolism and supplies the body with energy.

6. Lemon as a remedy for bloating

Bloating can have various causes. And like motion sickness, it can occur suddenly. Therefore, if you woke up in the morning and feel discomfort in your stomach, make this drink: take four-five slices of cucumber, sliced half a lemon, a quarter of an orange, a few mint leaves and mix it with cold water.

7. Lemon as a liver detox

The human liver is quite an important organ since it’s responsible for performing more than a hundred different functions in the body. When the liver gets clogged with toxins, it can cause a violation of many processes that occur in the body which will affect our health and well-being.

A great way to cleanse your liver is to use a lemon peel. The peel of citrus fruits (lemons and oranges) is rich in a substance called D-Limonene. It effectively removes toxins from the liver.

8. Lemon as prevention of cancer

Lemon and lemon juice are powerful sources of the natural antioxidant – vitamin C. This vitamin prevents the formation of free radicals which often cause cancerous tumors. Therefore, make it a rule to consume a little lemon at least once a day.

9. Lemon as a means of lowering cholesterol levels

In 2013, the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science conducted a study among people with high blood pressure. The participants were divided into three groups. The first group was given a glass of water with lemon juice. Participants in the second group were given one apple each. And the third group was given both an apple and a glass of water. At the end of the experiment, the participants in the first group recorded the most significant decrease in cholesterol. Those who had both an apple and lemon juice were in second place.


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