How IQOS Really Affects Our Teeth

As the quality of life improved, people began worrying about preserving the environment and also often take care of their own comfort and appearance. Manufacturers of modern devices respond to this request. The electronic tobacco heating system IQOS has become one of the products created according to the desire of adult smokers to minimize negative effects of smoking.

At the same time, many IQOS users are concerned about the question of what effect the device has on the condition of the teeth and oral cavity, including in comparison with smoking. Below are the most important and interesting facts about this new and unique system.

How Cigarette Smoke Affects Teeth?

The most obvious effect that cigarette smoke has on teeth is it changes their color. The solid carbon particles that form during the burning of tobacco settle on the teeth, fillings, and crowns, leaving a characteristic yellowish-brownish tint. Besides the aesthetic side of the problem, there is another, more disturbing one.

Dentists unanimously agree that smoking can cause periodontitis as combustion products disrupt blood circulation inside the gums. The plaque that forms on the teeth becomes more viscous under the influence of smoke, tartar appears faster, and the gums cannot resist its spread due to a violation of blood microcirculation.

How IQOS Steam Affects Teeth?

IQOS is a tobacco heating system. Scientists in Switzerland have developed Heat Control technology, which ensures that the heating temperature does not exceed 350 °C. This temperature is enough to get nicotine from tobacco and prevent burning. When using IQOS, it is not smoke that is produced, but tobacco vapor. IQOS is not a harmless product but its clinical research and their results indicate that a full transition to IQOS is less harmful to health than cigarette smoking.

To evaluate the effect of steam from IQOS on tooth color, scientists conducted an experiment in the Vitrocell 24/48 laboratory system. It is a metal tablet with recesses, where they placed samples of human teeth and dental composites, materials for the manufacture of fillings. Above the samples were tubes through which cigarette smoke or IQOS tobacco vapor was supplied.

The experiment lasted three weeks. Four days a week, samples were exposed to tobacco smoke or steam, equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes or 20 sticks. During breaks, the samples were placed in artificial saliva and kept at a temperature of 37 °C to simulate the natural environment of the oral cavity. The samples were also cleaned with a toothbrush.

Samples were measured at the beginning and at the end of the experiment. The color change of teeth and fillings for three weeks was established using a special device spectrophotometer, which determines the color in digital values. The results of the study showed that all samples exposed to tobacco smoke were significantly stained. At the same time, the samples affected by the IQOS steam almost did not change their color.

Tobacco vapor released when using IQOS stains teeth significantly less than cigarette smoke. But if your teeth are already covered with a coating of cigarette smoke, switching to IQOS will not reduce their darkening. The advantage will be most obvious after professional cleaning at your family dentist and a complete switch to IQOS.

Can Gums Bleed When Switching to IQOS?

Some users are worried that they have experienced bleeding gums after switching to IQOS. A similar effect occurs in people who quit smoking. The reason for this may be cigarette smoke, which disrupts the microcirculation of blood in the gums. When a person quits smoking, the blood supply to the gums is restored, which can cause temporary increased bleeding. The same phenomenon sometimes occurs when you switch completely from cigarettes to IQOS.

The innovative tobacco heating system IQOS is a solution for adult smokers who are not planning to quit tobacco. When using the device, combustion products are not formed, which means that there is significantly less unpleasant odor on clothes, skin, and hair compared to when smoking cigarettes. The condition of the teeth is also less affected and clinical studies have shown that the tobacco vapor produced by IQOS stains teeth less than cigarette smoke.

Why Was IQOS Previously Banned in the USA?

The reason for the “ban” (or rather, the lack of approval) of IQOS is not a product flaw. It is simply a routine verification and certification process. IQOS along with the HEETS sticks were subject to study and validation by FDA representatives. A “prohibition” in this case means the lack of permission to commercialise the product in the country. The use of IQOS and Heets, as well as import for personal use in the United States, were not prohibited.

Given that IQOS is not just a new but a truly innovative product, a pioneer in its field, the FDA took a long time to understand and analyse the technology, composition, health effects, potential risks, and side effects. Experts have confirmed that IQOS actually emits significantly less harmful substances than traditional cigarettes.

Research & Development Center of the company, as well as a number of independent research organisations, conducted a series of laboratory and clinical tests, which allowed to significantly expand the scientific and evidence base. Additional research findings were also reported to the FDA. It took the administration 2 years to study the documentation, recheck the test results and consult with doctors and experts.

During this time, IQOS launched in 40 countries, and 7.3 million smokers around the world switched from cigarettes to IQOS as a less harmful alternative. The FDA made a final decision on April 30th. Experts from the US Department of Health report that the aerosol produced by the IQOS tobacco heating system contains less toxic substances than cigarette smoke.

For example, carbon monoxide (CO) in IQOS aerosol is the same as in ordinary atmospheric air. The content of acrolein and formaldehyde is 89-95% and 66-91%, respectively lower than in cigarette smoke. Separately, the FDA notes that IQOS supplies nicotine at the approximately same dosage as regular cigarettes. This gives hope that smokers will be able to completely switch from cigarettes to IQOS and thus reduce health damage.


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