A Beginners Guide To Applying Mineral Make-Up


If you’re someone who is daunted by the thought of applying mineral make-up, let me assure you that you have nothing to worry about. Yes, the applying process is a little different than conventional beauty products, but not only does it get easier with time but also a lot of fun. Personally, I love playing with make-up of any kind. I look forward to using up the products I have invested in and enjoy seeing how my face lights up with life once I am done with the application. Applying mineral make-up takes me less than fifteen minutes, and I am about to share all my little trips and tricks.

Prep The Face

The first and arguably the most important step in make-up application of any kind is prepping the face with a good moisturiser or a hydrating serum. If you layer beauty products on dehydrated skin, it will make the makeup look cakey and that is not the look we’re going for. Be sure to dab a little eye cream underneath the eyes so the under eye area is nice and plump as well. This will not only make you look youthful, but it will also stop your concealer from creasing.

Use The Right Brushes

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Using the right brushes for applying mineral make-up is very important. You will not get the result that you’re hoping to achieve by using regular make-up brushes. Brushes that are used to apply mineral make-up are shaped a little differently so they can pick up the right amount of product and then buff it seamlessly on to face. These brushes are shaped more like a dome so they can catch the right amount of product and then help you blend in to the skin.

Applying Loose Mineral Products

Applying loose mineral products is what most make-up junkies are hesitant about. The first foundation I ever bought was a loose mineral foundation and I have gone through a few hits and misses when learning how to use it. I watched a few YouTube tutorials that suggested the swirl, tap and buff steps. What you do is pour a little product on to the cap, and swirl the brush in to the cap. When the product latches on to the brush, tap off the excess and then buff the product using circular motion rather than sweeping motion.

Less Is More

The less is more mantra works for both conventional and mineral make-up. No one likes an overly painted face. One needs to extra careful when using mineral products because they’re powder products and have more chances of giving a cakey effect. What I recommend you do is apply light layers and then build up the desired coverage.

Why Is It Worth It?

If you’re looking for make-up that not only looks good but also benefits your skin in the long run, then it’s time you switch up your everyday make-up products. So not only are you looking amazing, you’re making sure your skin retains your youthful glow.