Benefits of Bone Broth

Perceptions About Bone Broth

Something that was extremely common for me growing up was my mother heating up a large leftover animal bones. She would make a broth from this, and at the time I thought it was just a shoddy way to make soup. It turns out that cheap, simple recipe has broad health properties, and it only takes 24-72 hours of stewing the bone to extract the nutrition. Incredible!

In terms of our health, there is still some mystery surrounding what bone broth does for us. When I was younger, we never had to think much about where the bones came from, as there wasn’t much going on between the field and the table. Today, though, we need to think about how animals and raised and what they are eating, because surely we end up consuming traces of that ourselves. Whether we’re eating chicken or a hamburger, we should be mindful of how our creatures are raised and look for grass-fed meat. Chickens brought up in cramped environments produce a stock that doesn’t gel, which is essential for stock’s remedial properties.


Bone Broth as a Vital Healer

Why is this simple-to-make sustenance so healthy? Bone broth has been found to heal our intestinal lining, offering supplements that act as vital healers for our entire body. Cracked gut disoderder, as it can be called, is a growing issue among people who follow diets heavy with processed foods that the body can’t easily digest. This is exacerbated by sores in the gut, which allow undigested food, microscopic organisms and other poisons to travel from your intestines into the circulatory system. Needless to say, this sparks a number of health problems.


How Does Bone Broth Cure Things?

It has been said for years that chicken soup can significantly battle illness and disease. You see, a defective gut will prompt numerous immune system issues and sensitivities. Bone broth soup has been known to heal spills in the intestines. The gelatin pulls in and holds the fluids that make up our stomach juices, and this prompts proper digestion.

Bone broth has other health qualities, too. It diminishes joint pain and irritation, because of the glucosamine and different compounds removed from the ligaments. Its calcium and magnesium content also helps promote solid healthy bones and give you strong hair and nails. The glycine in the broth also helps ensure you get more peaceful rest.

It’s often said that the oldest cures are the best. I’m sure that you, like me, were given many remedies as a kid that you just took because you were told to, and maybe you, like me, will offer them without explanation to the next generation


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