Better To Run Or Ride A Bike? The Pros And Cons Of Each Discipline

Many new athletes or people who start the year with the purpose of improving their physical condition are considered the ideal sport activity for their characteristics and needs.

Bicycle or running: which mode suits me the most?

It is more than proven that practicing physical exercise is good for mental and physical health. The burning question is, rather, which is the sport that best suits our needs & what is benefits of using a best treadmills for workout.

Once discarded those sports that require a logistical deployment and a greater economic investment (ski, paddle), the collective sports (basketball, soccer), that need other companions with whom to meet to practice it, or sports of high physical exigency (Tennis), the truth is that the range of possibilities of the young athlete is quite reduced. So, one of the most recurring questions when starting a routine sports activity is: should I go on a bike or run?

Before giving my point of view we must analyse the basic pros and cons of each of these two activities, so that you understand my opinion.

Although there are more factors, the most important are those described in this table, and they are what I recommend you check carefully before making a decision.

But then, what are we left with? Now comes the answer to this tedious question. Let us delve deeper into the specificity of each sport to know the advantages and disadvantages that entails the practice of each one of them.

Is it preferable to go jogging or cycling?

It depends. It depends on your goal, your joint and muscular health, your age, the intensity of the exercise, and a long etcetera. There is no valid answer for all cases. What you should do is analyse your personal goals and your previous preparation in order to be aware of which modality is most beneficial to you. For this company, I invite you to continue reading.

Personal goals: to go by bike or running?

If we want to be a great runner we cannot get it using the bike. If we want to get in shape, it is best to go jogging, unless we have pain or our health situation does not allow us. In any of these cases, we must be cautious and, if we see that the level of demand of running is too high, we can resort to other sports, such as cycling, which is a less aggressive discipline and whose practice is, in principle , More adaptable to the physical state of each.

On the other hand, if we suffer joint pain or have an advanced age, what I would recommend the most is to use the bicycle until the ligaments, tendons and muscles adapt to the rhythm of exercise. Once this is achieved, we should try to make a smooth race and increase the intensity according to how comfortable we feel. In any case, we must adapt the intensity of the exercise to our physical possibilities: do not want to make great efforts if you are not prepared because you can injure yourself.

That yes: if you choose the bike be prudent and protect your head, elbows, knees and wrists, and be very careful not to fall. And, for whatever you want, try not to make routes where there is a possibility that you can be stuffed by some car. Safety first.

As we have said, there are several factors that could decant for one side or another, you must always be consistent and have a minimum of logic. Common sense, in these cases, is the one that must determine the decision. If something causes discomfort or pain, avoid doing so until it stops painfully, primarily when the sensation of pain comes from the joints or bones.

Muscle pain can be confused with D.O.M.S. (Commonly called thighs), especially in novice athletes or sedentary people, therefore we recommend that before a transient muscle pain is not changed or decreased physical activity. If this pain were persistent the best option would be to move to another activity that does not generate pain and consult the relevant specialist to rule out any possible micro-injury or pathology.

Possible problems generated by running

Now let’s name the different situations that can warn us of a possible injury to ankles, knees or hips if you decide to run instead of the bike. Remember that running is more risky with your body than the bike, so it is not too bad to know some of the dangers of running to decide if we are prepared to face it or not.

Incorrect or shock-absorbing sneakers

You should check that your shoes fit the running activity, as bad shoes can lead to serious injuries.

Terrain without impact absorption

Running through this type of soil causes lesions in fibrocartilage (meniscus). The best terrain to run is the terra firma, because it absorbs much of the joint impact by stepping on it. As far as possible, you should avoid treading hard ground such as asphalt or parquet.

Problems in stabilisation of the joint

Running can cause problems in stabilising the body due to joint or muscular problem in the background. You may notice that you do not have much balance, for example, when trying to rest on a single leg. The possible solution to this problem is to perform preconception exercises, which help the muscles and joints to strengthen and maintain the balance of your body alone.

Muscle decompensation

You may notice it if the opposing muscles grow asymmetrically and cosmetic decompensation occur. In this case the best solution would be to perform a muscle toning program in general, and a stretching program to seek compensation. Where there are usually problems is in the psoas muscle, which joins the lower train with the upper train.