Daily Life Fashion Tips for Women – 2019

Greetings to you, my dear readers! Life does not stand still, and fashion, and even more so. Changing styles, color variations. How to stay on the “crest of a wave” in the new season and look stylish and interesting? Fashion tips 2019 for women and girls – that’s what will be discussed in our review.

I could not even imagine that there were so many branded items in my closet. A few hats, trendy tights, comfortable sneakers, skirts, shirts, and not out of fashion, and a lot of things you can create an unforgettable image. Do you have such things in your closet? Let’s start our review to quickly find answers to the questions: “Is everything new — well forgotten old”? and “how to stay fashionable with what I have”? Let’s start with some short and chubby fashion tips for women.


Find a new way to wear a classic, and sometimes even a basic thing! For example, an ordinary white shirt will look completely new, if you wear it without buttoning all the buttons, and wear it with a smell. Just tuck each side into a pair of jeans, pants, or skirt, and tuck in a little sleeve.

Dress the Top:

A cute strapless dress is gathering dust in the closet, and you don’t know what to wear with it? Is it still cold outside, but it’s impossible to work in it? No problem! Choose a suitable blouse, shirt or turtleneck – and the original day bow is ready!

Mix Prints:

To revive your image is simple Combine prints – cage, peas, flowers, everything can go! And do not worry that they do not fit together. In 2019, fashion is indulgent to such a mix. The main thing is that prints are from the same color range.

Wear Hats:

Whatever you choose: a cap, a molded felt or soft suede hat in the style of boho – but this is the easiest way to establish yourself in your style.

Wear a Scarf:

Does your outfit look like … um … everyday? Tie a handkerchief around your neck and your image will immediately be refreshed.

Little Shine:

Metallic shades in clothes and shoes penetrate everyday bows. You will not go unnoticed! Golden shorts or a jacket – it is always unexpected and looks very stylish in casual bows, especially in combination with classic oxfords.

Dress with Sneakers:

Not every girl dares to wear sports shoes under the dress. Stylists have been advising for a long time: forget everything that you were taught in childhood – sneakers and dress in trend! Choose stylish sneakers or sleeves, and feel free to wear them under your favorite dress! Looks like a bow at ease and sports.

Tuck in the Jeans:

This trend has migrated to us from past seasons and in the new year, tucked jeans are still relevant. By the way, to make your legs look longer with jeans tucked up, then choose shoes that are not contrasting to the color of the legs or tall ankle boots.

Skirt over Pants:

Sometime in the 2000s, such a trend was in vogue and in 2019 it returns! Now it looks smooth and sophisticated. Add a tunic over office pants when you go to work or wear a chiffon dress with leather pants if you are going to a party. Let go of your imagination!

Little Leopard:

How about a “leopard” style? The fashion trend has passed through the centuries, then disappearing, then reappearing in the ladies wardrobe. If you are brave enough, then buy a coat or a dress with a print. If you are somewhat wary of an aggressive pattern, then it will be enough to take shoes or a clutch under the leopard in order to be in trend.


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