Dating with Food Allergies and Intolerance

I have been sick for the better part of a week. Not because of a cold or stomach bug or anything reasonable. I’ve been sick because of dating

Up until recently, I was sick a lot. Digestive problems, mood disorders, fatigue, weight gain, lack of sex drive. Life was hard. The “divorce diet” revealed a host of food intolerance and allergies. It transformed my life for the better. Thanks to the shift, I am a new person and the experience has led to new loves like sushi, Ethiopian dishes, hummus, almond butter, coconut oil, soy milk, salmon, asparagus, and so on…

With the rise in food allergies and intolerance (or at least the knowledge about them) in recent years, I know I’m not alone.

No matter how careful you are, food intolerance makes eating out dangerous to your health. It’s difficult to know what ingredients are making their way onto your plate and it’s even more difficult to prevent contamination on otherwise safe foods. The hardest part is explaining it all to the date. There is nothing like the look in a man’s eyes when he does not understand and is overwhelmed after just a few minutes with you. Food sensitivities can make even the most laid back girl seem like high maintenance.

But your health comes first. You have to protect yourself, which means learning to explain your sensitivities up front in a polite and simple manner. Or at least waiting to dine together until you feel like the guy can understand.

On the bright side, this dating handicap filters out lame, inconsiderate guys. The guys who actually care ask “where can you eat?” and want to truly understand. It’s flattering and makes for a relaxing and fun evening. The rest feign patience, tolerance and interest and it’s so unattractive. Dating with food intolerance’s brings new meaning to the phrase “trust your gut.”

So be vigilant. Speak up (politely, of course) or else you may feel like I do today: My back and neck are inflamed and achy; I am extremely fatigued and my entire digestive system hurts; my torso is swollen; my fingers, toes and nose are numb; my vision is blurry; I can’t think straight; I mumble. Sometimes I lash out at the people who love me. Basically, I’veturnedinto a zombie.


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