8 Deadly Ill Effects Of Smoking

Effects Of Smoking

It is not rare to see people filling their lungs with clouds of tar and puffing out the poison right into the air. No matter how one starts smoking, it turns out to be a habit, an irresistible one. There is hardly any smoker who is even ready to accept that he/she is actually caught in the paws of addiction of this life-taking substance. It is rather needless to say that smoking a cigarette turns your money into ash so let’s have a look at the devastation which it actually brings upon the smoker:

1. Bad breath:

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It is not that tough to know if a person is a smoker or not. Because their smell tells it all. It is very unpleasant to be nearby a smoker because of the foul smell that their mouth has is extremely uncomfortable for any nonsmoker to be nearby. Those relationships or marriages, in which one of the partners is indulged in smoking, tend to make it very gross for the other one.

2. Highly increased the risk of cancer:

In short, smoking is the clear invitation to disease. Be it lung cancer or throat cancer; life is no less than hell once you get to know that you are a cancer patient. Years of smoking piles up enough tar and chemicals inside the body that there hardly remains any way from escaping these deadly diseases.

3. Cardiovascular diseases:

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There has been a lot of research over the connection of smoking with the functioning of the heart and the results are shocking or rather alarming to put into better words. Due to regular smoking, there is an increase in blood pressure and blood clots. It is also proved by the researchers that the chances of stroke are uplifted in the case of a smoker.

4. Skin, hair and body problems:

Smoking causes a lot of visible changes in the body as well. Hair loss, greying and weakness of hair are the most shared and observable effects of smoking. Apart from it, skin also tends to acquire wrinkles and ageing signs due to this habit. Surveys and researches have shown that pimples, white patches on skin, darkening and cracking of lips are also some of how smoking takes its toll.

5. Loss of vision:

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Well, eyes are also not left behind from the large hands of smoking. It can generally be observed that smokers acquire yellowness in their eyes along with dark circles in some cases. But the actual concerns are the vision loss and poor eyesight that occur due to it.

6. Disturbed sex life:

It might come as a surprise, but with every cigarette you lit, you make axe strokes on your sex life. There have been a lot of studies which suggest that smoking is a primary cause of the increasing problem of erectile dysfunction in the adults. Be it male or female, smoking affects the performance in the bed badly and even decreases the interest in sexual activities. It has also been proved by studies that smoking affects the ability to have an orgasm in both man and woman and also affects fertility. In some cases, it can even make a person completely infertile.

7. Increased issues of anxiety and irritability:

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Regular smoking habit causes a persistent restlessness and anxiety which is extremely dangerous for the mental health of an individual. Also, there are problems like irritation, dizziness and laziness caused by smoking.

8. Body weakness:

As a result of smoking, the body loses its strength gradually and tends to become only weaker as the days pass by. There is an observable loss on the outer body along with a severe damage to the internal organs which is caused as a result of smoking. Disinterest in work and inability to perform physical tasks can also be the outburst of this deadly dangerous habit.

Quitting smoking and choosing a healthy life: Having stated all the above points, it becomes quite simple to understand how important it is to quit smoking as soon as possible. While recovering from the smoking phase, one can take the help of nicotine patches and chewing gums. Once you have successfully been clean for a while. It becomes quite important to focus on the fitness. It is suggested to choose a healthy and balanced diet and even some supplements like testx core can be used for better body results.



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