Enhance Your Weight Loss with This Fish Oil Diet

If you want to enhance your weight loss, then fish oil can be very useful for you in this. You can lose a few extra pounds each month by taking a fish oil. The best advantage of taking fish oil is that it will not make you feel nervous and jittery as seen with some other supplements. Moreover, fish oil does not only help you to lose weight it also has many advantages to your body like it helps, your heart, brain and joints health too.

Benefits of Fish Oil

There are many benefits of fish oil as it contains the Omega-3. A study showed in the US, the top 10 death causes is the deficiency of Omega-3. So, this deficiency can be easily covered by taking fish oil. Here are a few more advantages of fish oil:

Reduce Risk of Cancer

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Scientists say that if you take fish oil on daily basis, it can reduce the risks of breast cancer by almost 30%.

It Improves Your Mood

A study shows that seventy percent of depressed women who took 2000 mg amount of fish oil every day for almost 8 weeks, found the improved mood.

Hunger Shrinks

It is also seen that by taking fish oil regularly dial down the desire to eat. As we know fish oil contains Omega-3 that enhances the mood too, so if you feel good, you will naturally eat less.

It Minimizes the fat Storage

Fish oil supplements increase insulin sensitivity and because of that, it minimizes the risk that the food you eat is stored as fat.

How to Take Fish Oil for Weight Loss

The best dose of fish oil is 700 – 1000 mg in case of fish oil supplements or eats wild caught, oily fleshed, cold water fish 2 – 3 times per week. Remember that you need to follow the proper diet along with fish oil to see better results. According to the experts, it is necessary to take 1500 calories daily as starvation diets damage the thyroid. If you have a thyroid problem, then take the advice of your doctor. Fish oil can be used as treatment but it doesn’t replace prescription medicines. And, if you have a healthy thyroid, then taking fish oil can help your thyroid to stay healthy.

So as we discussed for the better results you need to take 1500 calories daily along with the fish oil. It will help you stay fit and you will not feel lazy like with other fat loss supplements, it is the major problem.

The average quantity that you can take of the fish oil can be between 1000 – 1500 or 2000. Along with this, you can follow any below-mentioned meal plan. But before starting anything, it will be good to talk to your doctor and discuss with him/her about the supplement or diet plan you are going to start.


Option 1 –

  • Two eggs, two tsp. feta cheese scrambled in olive oil (1 tspn.) and Half cup spinach
  • One Orange
  • Half pita whole-grained

Option – 2

  • Two Tbsp. lite cream cheese, one sliced tomato, fresh herbs to taste, one whole-grain English muffin or pita, two oz. smoked salmon or ham
  • One cup blueberries

Choose any 1 of these options.


Option – 1

  • Starbucks Chicken & Hummus Bistro Box, One fruit piece

Option – 2

  • Six olives, half cup hummus, one piece of fresh fruit, half cup fresh veggies which are stuffed into one whole wheat pita,

Option – 3

  • Three Tbsp. cocktail sauce, Half cup added vegetables, 5 whole-grain crackers, Four oz. shrimp, one and a half cups reduced-sodium vegetable soup

Option – 4

  • Half cup of kidney beans, ¼ cup of chickpeas, Four oz. tuna or two chopped hard-boiled eggs, olive oil one tsp., herbs and lemon juice according to the taste
  • One pita whole-grained
  • Eight olives and Half cup sliced veggies

Choose any 1 of these 4 options daily for lunch.


Option – 1

  • One tbsp. olive oil, One cup broccoli,
  • Four oz. broiled fish, herbs according to the taste
  • Half cup cooked brown rice, one Tbsp. walnuts

Option – 2

  • Half cup cooked pasta whole-grained
  • Half cup crushed tomatoes, Four oz. chicken breast (cooked), One Tbsp. olives, capers, and seasoning as per the taste
  • One cup green beans, one tsp. olive oil

Option – 3

  • Two tbsp. olive oil and spinach cooked with garlic
  • One sweet potato (baked)
  • Four oz. grilled chicken sausage

Choose any 1 of these three daily in dinner.

So, these are some meals that you can take along with fish oil. You will surely see results within a few weeks if you follow this guide. Also, remember that do take the advice of your doctor before starting any supplement.


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