4 Tips To Prevent Hair Thinning And Hair Loss

Hair is a natural ornament for both men and women and this is why people are going to any extent to save their hair. Major hair loss due to different factors has become a very issue and it all starts with gradual hair thinning. So, hair becoming thin in any part of the head needs immediate attention or else it could lead to baldness. Most of the time, the factors contributing to hair thinning are not under your control, mainly because you cannot do anything about your genetics.  Sometimes, you might be suffering from untreated medical conditions.

Sometimes you panic as we see a few strands on the comb but it is very normal to have 50 hair strands falling off and anything more than that is a matter to worry about. So here are a few tips so that you can prevent hair loss:

1. Nutrition is the key

Are you aware of vitamin deficiencies? A poor nutrition in the form of a crash or fad diet can cause major deficiencies. To maintain the proper amount of hair on your head, focus on nutrition. Your diet must include green leafy and all other types of vegetables. Having fruits daily is a must and consume an adequate amount of protein like beans, cheese, nuts, dairy products, egg and meat. Maintain your calories based on your height, weight and nutritional requirements. Sometimes nutrition is not entirely attained from food, take your supplements.

Protein is not all you need but vitamins are in fact very crucial. Vitamin A promotes healthy hair as it functions with the fat synthesis. Vitamin B12 is also very important as it promotes the growth of red blood cells and Vitamin E is important for a proper circulation. A good blood circulation means more oxygen supply and it means healthy hair.

2. Keeping health under control

Health conditions play a direct role on your hair and this is why hair loss is common in some symptoms like excessive stress, infectious diseases, thyroid etc. It is very essential to follow a proper medical regime if you are suffering from serious medical issues. Right treatment and medication can bring back hair on your head. Try to keep hair loss causing diseases under control if it’s in your hands and learn the art of stress management.

3. Hair care the best way

You spend hours in front of the mirror gazing at your receding hairline but there is a lot more you can do than that. Sometimes hair thinning can be caused due to your own habits. Yes, if you are not caring enough for the hair, letting the hair fall dry, become limp, fizzy etc. The dry can is very prone to damage and over-styling also makes it brittle. Hot styling tools, too much hair brushing, using too many chemically treated hair products and frequent shampooing and lead to thinning and breakage. Now here are a few tips for you:

  • Never handle your hair roughly
  • Brush hair in a gentle manner
  • Shampoo twice a week and not more than that
  • Oiling your hair 2-3 times a week is a must but immediately shampoo hair the next day or on the same day after a few hours.
  • Do not use heated styling tools and do not go for chemical treatments
  • Use a wide-toothed comb while detangling
  • Do not style your hair in a way that it pulls the hair down can causes strands to fall off.

4. Maintain Calm

Believe or not, hair tends to fall out more if there are stress and tension. You need to keep the head cool to save those tresses. Practice meditation or yoga as a means of stress buster. Sleep on time and don’t fill your head with ugly ideas all night. Essential oils are very important in fighting stress and therefore ask your dermatologist which essential oil to use for a scalp massage if you are suffering from hair loss. A proper scalp massage using oils like lavender, rosemary, thyme, from an expert stimulates the hair follicles. Apart from these, there are oils like almond, coconut and almond. Shampoo next day but do not stand under the shower, water falling from a height affects weak hair and they tend to fall out faster.


Hair is a very precious gift of God and people go to any extent to preserve it. Be kind to your tresses, handle gently, no chemical products only organic ones. Take in a lot of antioxidants like green tea which is very beneficial, you can also apply the tea to your hair. Onion juice promotes hair growth, it’s sometimes a miracle.


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