Everything You Need To Know About Beard Transplant

Are you the one who unluckily born without the genes of growing full beard? If yes, then you don’t need to stress much regarding the issue as now the science can fix it.

Yes, it is true that beard transplants are now possible in this generation and it can be done effectively. The very first thing that you should be well aware of beard growth is that your transplanted hairs grow from the scalp. Another fact that you should know is that the color of your hair and beard can be different but it would not look weird but will give a natural look.

There are many more things that are important for you to know before going for the beard transplant surgery. Some of the essential facts are discussed below. Have a look:

1)    Reasons of Not Having Full Beard

There are various causes that you don’t have a full beard and some of them are mentioned here.

a) Genetics: This is the most ordinary reason why some people have a patchy beard. Just like you get some characteristics transferred from your parents, it can be possible that this issue popped up due to genes.

b) Hormones: You should know that sex hormones play an important role when it comes to your beard growth. The hormone named testosterone which releases during your puberty age is highly responsible for the beard growth.

c) Alopecia Areata: Alopecia Areata is a kind of disorder that some men suffer from. However, in this, spot baldness can occur in which some bald spots can be seen in the areas where hair grows in your body. But this can be treated completely and one can get rid of this problem.

d) Lifestyle: The kind of lifestyle you have can greatly affect your beard growth. For a good beard, good nutrition is also very important. Some of the food sources that should be there in your balanced diet are eggs, avocadoes, milk, sunflower oil, and fish.

2)    The procedure of Beard Transplants

The beard hair grows from the scalp of the back of the head where the hair is thickest. The procedure of the beard transplant consumes much time as it is sensitive in nature. The process includes separating and replanting around 2000-2500 hair which takes a considerable amount of time. Before starting these eight hours of surgery, doctors give anaesthesia to the patient around the head to make him unconscious. Some of the steps that the transplantation process consists of are:

a) The technique which is used in the transplanting procedure is FUE. FUE stands for follicular unit exchange in which each hair is expelled one by one from the back of the scalp.

b) A minor scar can be seen at the back of your head as specialists could expel a segment of skin along with the follicles of hair.

c) Following that, the specialists will make small incisions in the facial hair area so that the bearing, thickness and the angle of the transplanted hair could be determined.

The procedure of beard transplant is extremely sensitive and the nature of your beard will completely depend upon how the process took place.

3)    How Long Does The Beard Transplant Long Last?

As it is mentioned earlier that the beard transplantation method takes less than a day to finish. However, the very important thing that you need to know is how long would your hair last. You should make yourself well prepared for the probability that the transplanted hairs will probably drop out within two to three weeks after the surgery.

If you are feeling disappointed after hearing this, then there is no reason to be sad as the loss of this hair is flawlessly ordinary and natural. It takes place due to the little shock your body feels after the relocation of the hair follicles. However, your hair will grow back in two or three months and it will last forever. Now you can shave, trim, clean your beard or can treat them exactly in the way you treated your natural beard.

4)    Cost of Beard Transplant

Cost of the procedure is another most crucial factor that you should consider before going for the beard transplant procedure. It is well known that the cost of the procedure involves is high and expensive. However, if growing full beard is important for you, then the investment doesn’t expense much for you. Additionally, you should invest your time along with the money in finding a good clinic as you can’t afford any leniency in this sensitive procedure. The cost would be different for the various clinics but you should be well choosy regarding the place from where you will take up the surgery. Some transplant centers charge the fees on per graft basis as some patients might need more grafts as compared to others.

5)    Style Your Beard As You Want

The most advantageous thing of the beard transplant is that you can style your beard in the way you want it to be. You can instruct your specialists exactly in the way you want your beard to grow in. You can always tell your doctor the place where you want your beard to have and how much of it do you need. This implies that you can choose your beard exactly as you wish to either from some magazine or in your favorite celeb style.


So, this was all you should know about the beard transplants. The pros and cons of the treatment have been discussed above so that you can look over them and decide about the same. Reasons, the working of the procedure and its cost, limitation and the clinic are some of the important considerations you should be well aware of.


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