Healthy Food Swaps: What to Eat When Those Cravings Hit

Have you ever felt cravings for a particular type of food? Everyone feel them from time to time. It is very hard to resist cravings and most people just gives up on them and go for food they feel their body desires so badly. But there are some healthy food options that can help us fight those cravings.

Prepare for a moment when a craving hits

It may seem that cravings hit you all of a sudden and when you are least expecting them, but that actually isn’t so. Cravings are the way our body is trying to tell us that there are some nutrients missing from our diet and our body needs it to function properly. So, prepare in advance. Stock up on healthy food that can help you feed your body with proper nutrients. Get rid of unhealthy snacks and sweets and replace them with food that will bring you benefits and satisfy your hunger in a healthy way.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be a large part of your everyday diet. Not only they are full of nutrients, but they are also a healthy source of sugar. Bananas, for example, are aa nutritious source of sugar, magnesium, fiber. You can easily use bananas to create healthy snacks. Berries are another great source of sugar that isn’t bad for you. Berries are known to be a great antioxidant. They are also a great source of vitamin C and can help you boost your immune system. You can freeze them in small portions, then eat them like that or blend them into tasty, healthy ice cream. Vegetables can be used to prepare a very healthy snack – vegetable chips. Vegetables such as sweet potato, beet, parsnip, carrots and celery root are ideal for making this treat.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be the healthiest addition to your everyday diet. It has the ability to lower risk from cardiovascular diseases by lowering the risk of atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and cholesterol. It can slow the release of sugar from foods you consume into your bloodstream and thus lower your body’s need for insulin.

It can help you lose weight in a healthy way. It is also very beneficial for your digestion, the health of your hair and overall levels of energy. Taking apple cider vinegar can reduce your cravings for sugar significantly in a very healthy way. Although you can consume it as a drink at your home, it can be tricky for you to have it while you are at work or travelling or just outside your home when that vicious sugar craving hits. This is why you can opt for apple cider vinegar capsules as the easiest way to consume it every day. By doing this you will refresh your gut flora, cleanse your body of toxins and detoxify.


Nuts are a very healthy addition to your diet. They are full of minerals and can help you lower your blood sugar in an easy and healthy way. They can help you satisfy your hunger and keep you full for quite some time. You can use them in a form of butter as well, as nut butter is very healthy spread or a healthy replacement for sweets. Nuts are filled with healthy fats, proteins and beneficial plant compounds.

You can dip fresh fruit in it and enjoy a very tasty dessert that will satisfy all your cravings for sugar but in a way that is not harmful to your health. As a salty snack, you can use hummus, which is a kind of nut butter with fresh vegetables. You can use hummus as a dip for vegetables which will give your vegetables taste you will find delightful. A cup of nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and cashews can be served not only as a snack nut as a light lunch that you can consume while on the go.

Cottage cheese and yogurt

Cottage cheese is low in calories but rich in proteins, calcium, vitamin B12 and B2. It is known to keep you fuller after consumption because of high proteins from dairy food so it is very good if you are trying to lose some weight. Yogurt is another great source of proteins and calcium. Especially Greek yogurt which doesn’t contain added sugar and is low on fat,

There are a lot of healthy foods that can help you satisfy your cravings, especially sugar cravings which are hardest to resist. You can find a tasty, healthy substitution for sugar and feel the same satisfaction, or even more as you know you haven’t damaged your health in any way.


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