How Ginger Helps Burn Fat to Lose Weight

Ginger, generally used as a spice in cooking or as a traditional medicine, is an herbaceous perennial plant. This means its stems are lusciously soft , green and lanky, bearing yellow flowers with green leaves. Ginger has several properties which make it an effective weight loss aid, which is why it’s not so far-fetched to believe it helps burn fat.

Studies on Ginger

Based on the ancient practice of Ayurveda (an Indian form of natural healing) drinking and eating ginger root can keep your weight under control, a theory which scientists have confirmed.

A 2015 analysis found an obese person who consumed gingerol (a mixture found in ginger) was able to drop weight after 30 days. The subject also showed progress on their leptin and blood sugar levels. Leptin is a mixture that plays a part in feeling full and satisfied after a meal. The analysis discovered that ginger additives suppress the appetite.

Another analysis published earlier that year by the ERMPS (European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences) equally demonstrated that ginger additives had an effect on weight loss and could act as a common weight loss aid. Another discovery made was that ginger brings out improvements in cholesterol. Again, the study discovered ginger’s ability to make people feel satiated and correctly digest food, so there is no doubt that it has a powerful impact on weight loss.

Ginger and Belly Fat

Ginger can also keep that annoying belly fat away. Ginger can help alert you when you are eating too much, experiencing a hormonal difference or low vitality and not exercising enough. As a natural craving suppressant, ingesting ginger is the best method to help you lose weight. Ginger also contains almost no calories and is a great addition to any meal. It can even be mixed into tea or coffee!

Never-ending stress and hormonal development can be a cause of spikes in red blood cortisol levels, knocking metabolism and the immune system off balance. According to a 2004 study in the Pharmaceutical and Biological Bulletin, ginger reverses this.

High levels of cortisol may contribute to weight gain, making it particularly hard to lose belly fat. Drinking ginger can ensure your internal system are back in tune with your body. Ginger’s stinging and spicy flavour can also help naturally boost your energy, both mentally and physically.

Ginger and Digestion

In 2012, it was discovered that ginger boosted the ‘blaze effect’ of a meal. ‘Blazing’ foods are those that increase your metabolic rate and thus burn more calories. During this process, the body turns calories into energy. Eating foods with a high ‘blaze’ effect can help with losing or maintaining weight, as they boost energy, corrode fat and at least neutralize any decrease in metabolism caused by weight loss. One study, which evaluated the effects of consuming breakfast with ginger added, found that ginger increased feelings of satiation and led to lower food consumption and reduced cravings.

How to Use Ginger to Lose Weight

  • Before eating, chew a thin piece of ginger to help spark your metabolism and digestion, which lowers cortisol production and boosts energy.
  • You can also shred a small piece of ginger, add crushed citrus fruits like lemon and a small amount of salt, then mix all the ingredients. This helps you control cravings and aids metabolism.
    1. Anti-instigative smoothie  adding dried or fresh ginger to your smoothies helps keep your bowels functioning normally
    2. Ginger as a spice – cooking ginger up to 6 minutes really enhances its benefits. The plant has an appetizing flavor!
  • Ginger used in soups, sauces and stir-fries boosts your health and your food’s flavor while releasing antioxidants.


Absorbing ginger will not help you lose weight quickly. The effects will be slow, but permanent. Don’t be too eager, and give it time. Even just consecutively losing 1 pound per month and not gaining it back can be counted as a success!


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