How to Grow Your Fashion StartUp In 2020?

Growing a fashion business might seem overwhelming and quite intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be. By following these tips you will have a guaranteed success in your fashion start-up in 2020.

Develop a strong and recognisable brand identity

In order to help your fashion business grow, you need to develop a recognisable brand. You need to aim to create something unique and different, something that will stand out from other fashion businesses. Try to come up with some ideas, actions, or concepts that will represent your brand and make it known for what it is. Come up with strategies that will make your brand identity unique and personal.

For instance, you can choose to sell dresses that fit only a specific style or look, or you could go for selling only sustainably created clothes. You also need to create a brand logo that will help illustrate what your business is all about. Your brand logo needs to represent your brand and pinpoint your business goals. For example, if you choose to sell sustainably made clothes, you can include a picture of a leaf into your brand logo to show that your business is environmentally friendly. Whatever the logo is, it needs to clearly state what defines your business and what it is that you offer to your customers.

Choose a brand voice that represents your clothing

You also need to choose your brand voice. It is a type of language you use with your customers and it mostly depends on the mission you plan to assign to your fashion business. For instance, if your plan is to craft website content, you can use emails and other marketing materials to reach your customers in a friendly tone. On the other hand, you can choose to go for a professional or authoritative brand voice.

Make sure you have a great website


No matter what brand identity or voice you go for, you need to have a functional, responsive website that your customers can use to view your service and products. Many retail chains are even closing their physical stores since users are rapidly shifting to online shopping. That is why having a clean, user-friendly website that represents your website is crucial.

However, you need to be very careful about creating your website. You need to conduct thorough market research in order to determine what your site will look like. Some of the best eCommerce strategies include:

  • Building an easy and functional browsing experience
  • Creating a great user experience (some tips are adding a ‘save item’ option or creating a simple checkout process, and so on)
  • Providing detailed descriptions of the products you’re offering
  • Using high-quality images
  • Clearly stating delivery information

Create a Budget and a Business Plan

The next thing you need to do is create a stable and well-functioning budget and business plan. You always need to consider the possibility of your idea exploding and ruining your business. That is why you need to be prepared for anything. In the fashion industry, it can be very hard to predict. Nevertheless, creating a budget and business plan is crucial and it can help you a lot if a crisis occurs. Just make sure you create a flexible plan that will be able to adapt to your situation.

Keep a close eye on trends

Trends are also hard to predict and they change all the time. That is why you need to keep an eye on them. Many designers plan their collections in advance and you need to have a good idea of the trends that are shaping current fashion as well as predict whether they’re likely to stay or not.

Design for your core audience

You need to find your target audience and design what they’re willing to buy. You need to remember that it’s the customers who decide what sells. That is why you need to keep your core audience in mind at all times. You can try persona mapping. It is a frequently used technique in marketing that will help you determine who your audience is and what they’re looking for.

Find a reliable wholesale supplier

You also need to find a reliable supplier. Making sure that your wholesale supplier is someone who can offer both quality and a wide range of clothing styles and designs is very important for your fashion business. There are suppliers you can reach out to online, such as Style State, that can guarantee both of these things and help in growing your fashion business.

Build customer loyalty

Lastly, you need to build customer loyalty. It doesn’t matter what approach and strategy you will go for, but you should always aim to promote customer loyalty for your fashion start-up business. You need to make sure that your products are available and easily accessible through social media, eCommerce platforms, and apps. In addition to that, you need to state exactly what kind of fashion you are promoting as well as how people react to those types of fashion. Also, try to keep in mind all the possible ways of including environmental factors to create a sustainable and ethical impact.


In conclusion, working on your fashion business can seem a bit intimidating and overwhelming. However, what you should prioritise is that your customers are satisfied knowing that they’re getting exactly what your brand offers them.


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