How to Store Coffee Beans?

Out of all beverages ever invented, coffee has been my favorite, life-long best friend. Be it a hot morning cup, cold latte, icy chiller or mixed up into a dessert, its exotic taste no doubt is incomparable to any other drink. If you are an avid coffee person, then you must be spending a lot on finding the best coffee beans.

How to Store Coffee Beans

In that case, you should also know how to store them correctly. Better beans, stored properly, make better-tasting coffee – and that is what you prefer, don’t you? Here are a few factors to remember how to store coffee for keeping its freshness and flavor retained for a long time.

What to avoid?

It is obvious and almost every coffee person knows that coffee does best when stored in a dry, airtight storage place. So whenever you choose a container or location, make sure there is no air, moisture, heat or light exposure.

Where to store your coffee?

To ensure a fresh, flavourful cup of coffee every morning, you need to be very particular of where you store your coffee. Remember to store in cool, dark and dry places such as drawers and cabinets. Even countertops that are at a distance from windows or direct exposure to heat are best. Avoid fridges and freezers because they create moisture. Also, avoid warm places like next to the oven or sunlight.

Container types that are best to use

There are different types of packaging in which a coffee is sold. Either it is available as grounded or whole beans in metal, glass jars or plastic wrapping depending on the brand you buy. Moreover, once the packaging is opened, it is important to store in the right container to retain its freshness. You can use glass, ceramic or non-reactive metal containers. In addition, opaque, airtight jars are best to store the coffee.

Pre-Ground Vs Whole Coffee Beans

Whenever you visit a coffee shop, they grind the coffee beans right before they prepare it. In this way, coffee tastes better and fresh, unlike the one you make at home. Ground coffee as compared to whole loses its freshness quickly than the other because it is more likely to be exposed to air and moisture. It is best to use whole beans and grind them every morning, but if that sounds too much of hard work for you then follow correct storage instructions and consume coffee within the prescribed time.

How long does the coffee stay fresh?

The freshness obviously depends on how you store it. As in, depending on how the beans are packaged, they will stay fresh for a longer time. After you grind your coffee and store in an airtight container, you can enjoy it within a week or ten days, but after that, it’ll taste stale.

How to Store Coffee Beans

Another thing to keep in mind is whenever you buy whole bean coffee, always take note of how much coffee you can drink in the following two weeks or 15 days. Then, depending on your intake, buy the package. Lastly, when the coffee beans are roasted, their aroma and freshness only lasts for two to three weeks. So, before you buy roasted coffee, make sure to check the roasted date at the back of the packaging.

Hence, if you care about your coffee, then do take notice of these factors before buying and storing.


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