Impressive Benefits of Premium Ceylon Tea

Ceylon was the formal name of Sri Lanka until 1972 and the tea produced here was termed as Ceylon tea. The tea produced here is responsible for $ 1.5 billion sales around the globe.

The ideal temperature and excellent terrain of Sri Lanka makes it possible for tea to grow in this region. It is found in three varieties all over the world i.e. black, green and white.

But the most commonly used Ceylon tea is the black tea that has a mild flavour which is similar to that of citrus fruits. While green Ceylon tea have a high level of antioxidants because they are not fermented and have a pungent and nutty flavour.

Finally the most rare and expensive form of tea is the white Ceylon tea,  which is harvested, prepared and processed by hand and then dried in the sun, to give a sweet and pleasant flavour to the tea.

All types of teas that come from Sri Lanka is Ceylon tea and is popular widely only because of the high polyphenolic content, which provide many health benefits to people who consume tea regularly. The slightly tangy taste of this drink influences the body and is different from the other tea available in the market. It contains polyphenolic contents, flavonoids and antioxidants which help in the cure of many afflictions and ailments.

Health benefits of Premium Ceylon Tea:

Some of the health benefits of Ceylon tea are as follows:

*Boosts immunity:

Ceylon tea boosts our immune system and gives us a healthy body by fighting against illness. It contains antioxidants which help to reduced oxidative stress and free radicals from our body and protects our body from infections, thus strengthening our immune system.

* Eliminates kidney stones:

Researchers have shown that by consuming black tea the possibilities of developing kidney stones decreases. This is because of the benefits of both antioxidants and caffeine content present in this beneficial and delicious drink.

* Weight loss:

The most important benefit of Ceylon tea is that it works on our metabolism and hence helps in weight loss. Without any change in a workout regime or lifestyle, it burns fat faster naturally by speeding up the metabolism in our body, which means by consuming Ceylon tea in the morning you will be more energetic to perform many activities in a day and burn calories easily, thus reducing your weight.

* Skin care:

It contains some special antioxidants that help to reduce the collagen loss from our skin. Collagen is responsible for giving elasticity to our skin and prevents our skin from wrinkles. By consuming it the oxidative stress is reduced and our skin becomes strong and taut, thus it brings out a blemish free healthy skin by removing wrinkles and premature aging.

* Regulates diabetic symptoms:

When someone consumes Ceylon tea the blood glucose level reduces which is very beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. It helps to prevent the dangerous drops and spikes in a diabetic patient and regulates the insulin and glucose level in their body.

* Increases energy level:

Earlier Sri Lanka was also famous for producing coffee but now it only makes tea. The common factor between Sri Lankan coffee and Ceylon tea is caffeine. Healthy dose of caffeine in your body will help to boost your energy level in the morning and will enhance your attention and cognitive acuity. Two or three cups of this tea everyday will help you overcome the terrible caffeine crash which one usually gets from coffee.

* Protects the heart:

Crucial element potassium is present in a measurable amount in it which is very beneficial for heart health. It helps to reduce the strain on your heart by bringing the blood pressure to normal in a healthy way and relaxing the arteries and blood vessels.

Thus, consuming bananas every day, (which is a rich source of potassium) along with a cup of Ceylon tea can help you give a long- term healthy heart.


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