Increase Your Iron Levels

Anemia is one of the most common disorders in young people and children today. Also known as an iron deficiency, anemia is caused by a lack of red blood cells, or hemoglobin, in the blood. When these hemoglobin cells are lacking oxygen, it can result in fatigue, dizziness and a lack of stamina. In severe cases, you might suffer from shortness of breath or even heart problems. This is why it is vital for young people to have a sufficient amounts of iron in their bodies at all times.

What is Anemia?

The most common type of anemia is iron-deficiency anemia. One of its main causes is a reduced production of red blood cells, which often leads to a deficiency in nutrients and oxygen to the blood. The problem with iron deficiency is that our bodies take a long time to replenish iron, and if it is not a staple in our regular diet it may take years to reach healthy iron levels. Having low iron levels may lead to more serious problems like malnutrition and a lack of vital nutrients and minerals. Children are far more susceptible to iron deficiency because of their growing bodies and sometimes poor diets. This is why feeding your children foods rich in iron is as important as ever.

Iron-rich Foods are Absolutely Necessary

To counteract iron deficiency, an iron-rich diet is vital. These foods will increase iron in the blood, which will lead to better absorption in the tissues. The most common forms of iron we digest are iron from meat sources and iron from plant sources. Meats have an excellent amount of available iron, the necessary amount to sustain proper iron levels. Iron from meat sources is more easily absorbed than that obtained from plants. Also, calcium and vitamin C can increase your iron levels, as they help the body absorb iron better.

Why Raisins?

One of the best sources of iron is raisins. One cup of raisins alone contains almost 5 milligrams of iron, which is outstanding. Raisins are also rich in potassium and high in electrolytes as. People who live in colder climates like Aspen use a lot of raisins in their food to supplement for the lack of natural iron in their diets. Spinach is also a great source, filled with high levels of iron and vitamin C. It is also an excellent source of potassium. Other foods that are high in iron are cereals, oatmeal and dried fruits such as apricots and peaches. Pasta can be a good source of iron and carbohydrates.

It is important to choose the right foods for your diet. What you eat should not only be delicious and enticing but also healthy and beneficial. Feeding your kids high amounts of iron will help their bodies grow and sustain them well into adulthood. If you are an adult and have a low iron diet, it is time you rethink what you have been eating and start trying more iron-rich foods today.


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