Is Adult Circumcision Good or Bad?

Everything in this world has its harm and advantages. The ratio of both is different; sometimes the advantages are more and the disadvantages are less and vice versa.  People have to be very meticulous in choosing what is right for you.

It has been much argued whether Adult Circumcision is beneficial for the men or not. But no one has come to a clear-cut decision on this matter; is circumcision is good or good? Many people have undergone severe mental and physical suffering after the surgical procedure but others have a satisfactory outcome. So good or bad depends on the personal experiences of the patients.

Step-by-step Adult Circumcision Process

There are three phases of a circumcision surgery that surgeons undertake. The whole process involves removing the foreskin that fully hides the penis till the tip. After the procedure, the penis is revealed and the skin is cut short. In the old days only babies and teenagers were circumcised but as more health benefits are being discovered; adults are also inclined to have the surgery.

  1. The surgeon at the initial visit takes a full medical history of the patient. This is to determine if the person has any medical condition that could complicate the situation during the whole of the procedure. After the doctor is satisfied with everything then instructions are given what precautions to take before, during and after the surgery.
  2. The process is simple and takes 30 minutes or 1 hour the maximum to conduct the surgery. The anesthetist will administer anesthesia that is best suits you and wait till it takes full hold. Then the surgeon will start the procedure with the method and tool that the patient has chosen.
  3. After the surgical procedure, the surgeon sends the patient home with an attendant because the patient has to take complete bed rest for at least one week so there must be someone to take care. The attendant will be able to assist the patient if any complication develops.

What are the Benefits?

Whatever surgical procedure you are going through; it has many advantages. All of the benefits are related to medical. But there are psychological benefits like; mental satisfaction that you will have a good reputation amongst the peers, family and the community. Here are the four main advantages of circumcision that any medical facility Circumcision Center to mention one can tell you.

Preventing STIs from Spreading

These are the most contagious infections and diseases that can spread during any type of sexual activity. The main culprit in this situation is the penis; when proper hygiene is not taken care of; the problems start. Circumcision reveals the tip of the penis and thus cleaning becomes easy.

Less risk of Urinary Tract Infection

The same circumstance is developed here in which the penis must be purified from infections so that less risk of urinary tract infection is there. Germs start to gather on the tip of the penis when it is not correctly washed.

Saved from Penile Cancer

Sometimes the simple infections can grow into very dangerous. At many occasions, it has been seen that there is an abnormal growth of cells which can lead to various types of cancers. But the nastiest of them all is penile cancer. So men who have either had this surgery in their childhood or in later years have a very low possibility of having any kind of cancer.

Fewer Foreskin Problems

Patients often come to the clinic with the problem that their foreskin of the penis is not moving up, down or has blisters on it. Circumcision surgery can solve this problem by removing the part of the skin which is defected.

Are there any Disadvantages?

This surgery can develop several complications, not because of the surgery itself but it may happen that the tools, techniques are not appropriate or the surgeon is not well qualified for the job. Whatever the reason may be but there are a few disadvantages that it has.

Extreme Agony

A little pain after the surgery is a normal thing and must be ignored as there are pain killers that surgeons recommend for it and it goes away after a few days. But complications develop when this agony continues for more than the actual period. In addition, this pain is extreme and unbearable.

Development of Infections

After any surgical procedure, there is a small amount of redness around the area. But when you see that the infection is not healing and spreading to other parts then it is a harmful thing.  In the same way, if there are a sign of infections around the circumcised penis then it is alarming.

Sensitivity is reduced

Many men have experienced reduced sensitivity of the penis which has been circumcised. There can be various factors that can influence this but many people think that removing the foreskin is the main cause. As a result, sexual performance is also affected a lot.

Having Circumcision Surgery is a personal decision

Adult Circumcision Surgery is a decision that only you can and have to take. The debate of it being good or bad depends on your perception of understanding it.


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