The Truth About The Causes Of Watery Discharge


Watery discharge is a fluid that flows from a woman’s vagina and is responsible for keeping the private part clean and free of infections. The healthy bacteria living in the vagina makes the secretion acidic and helps to fight off harmful germs. Clear, watery and odourless discharge is a sure sign that your vagina is healthy. It’s important to note that the discharge occurs in several cycles of the female reproductive system. The normal daily amount of discharge is usually about 2 to 4 ml but can increase during ovulation, pregnancy, sexual activity or when using birth pills. However, abnormal discharge can also occur. It’s highly advisable to consult a professional gynaecologist when you notice the following signs;

  • Chunky and white discharge
  • Strong and fishy odor
  • Yellow or green discharge.

In this article, I aim at delving into a deep discussion about the causes of watery discharge in consideration of the different sexual cycles in a woman’s productive life.

During Pregnancy

Watery discharge can be a sign of pregnancy and is caused by hormonal changes as your body prepares for the baby. As soon as fertilization takes places, the brain stimulates the release of estrogen hormone to abnormal levels. This prompts the body to produce high amounts of clear mucus to seal the cervix and takes place all along the whole pregnancy period. The discharge should be thin, clear, odourless and milky-white. However, should you note any change in color, itching or some odor, you should consult a doctor immediately because that is a sign of something awkward going on in your vagina.

During Ovulation

Ovulation is the process in which mature eggs are released from the ovaries. During ovulation, the watery mucus is produced in order to protect your vagina from infection. The secretion is enhanced by the release of estrogen. In addition, the secretion also enhances the chances of getting pregnant and provides a watery environment in order to make it easier for sperms to flow through the cervix.

Before and after Periods

The major causes of watery discharge before and after periods are the decrease in progesterone hormone and the increase in estrogen hormone. The process results in thining of the cervical mucus resulting in the watery discharge you get to see before periods occur. Also, an instance of clear discharge can happen for several hours after periods. However, this should not worry you as long as the secretion is odourless and clear.

When Taking Birth Control Pills

Uncontrollable watery discharge can occur when you take birth pills and/or steroids for a long period of time. This is because the medications contain chemical substances that interfere with enzymes in your uterine walls. Consequently, a clear and watery fluid is released. Nonetheless, this situation requires you to consult a doctor immediately.

During Sexual Intercourse

You may notice watery discharge when having sex. However, it should not spike your anxiety since it’s caused by sexual arousal. It’s produced by the Skene’s glands which are located on either side of the vulva and are triggered by the sudden flow of blood to the vagina. The secretion enhances lubrication and eases penetration during sex. The glands can continue releasing the discharge a few hours after sex.

Strenuous Activities and Infections

Discharge can occur abnormally like after undertaking strenuous activities. A serious case is where the discharge occurs instead of periods. This could be an indication of fibroids, an STD, polys, cervical cancer or endometriosis. You should consult a gynaecologist as soon as you notice such secretion to allow early diagnosis and treatment of the infection.

Ways of Easing Discomfort

There is no treatment that can be prescribed for normal vaginal discharge. However, discomfort comes along secretion of vaginal fluids. Below are several ways through which you can relieve the discomfort:

  • Use sanitary pads to ensure your inner-wear is not soaked by the discharge.
  • Use wet and chemical-free baby wipes to clean the outside of your vagina.
  • Sleep naked without pants during the night in order to enhance air circulation in your private areas. This reduces the risk of infection and irritation.
  • Consume natural herbs and other products that can boost your immune system in order to prevent any possible infections.
  • Change your underwear frequently to avoid accumulation of the fluid and consequent infections.


Clear, watery and odourless discharge is a sign of a healthy vagina. The fluid protects the vagina from infections and provides a watery environment that ensures sperms swim easily through the cervix. The main causes of watery discharge are the hormonal imbalances during the different phases of a woman’s sexual life. However, the fluid can occur at abnormal times like after strenuous exercises. It’s important for you to consult a doctor as soon as you note such discharge. Moreover, you can use sanitary pads or baby wipes while ensuring you change your underwear’s often to ease discomfort.


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