9 Tips – When You’re Walking For Weight Loss

It is everybody’s desire to fit in the specifications of their BMI index. Unfortunately, the irregular diet of many won’t let it happen. If weight loss is your new year resolution. Why don’t you initiate it right away if good exercise habits like walking? I hear many of them saying that walking is an effective way to stay fit, but it does not offer you the desired result. Probably you are not doing it in the right way. Here are nine tips you should give a thought on if you are considering walking for effective weight loss.

Number of steps a day

It is good that you have chosen a walking regime to lose weight naturally.  For optimal weight loss results through walking regime, you should keep track of a number of steps you walk. You should at least walk 15000 steps regularly.  You may find it tedious during the initial days but, as cultivate the habit regularly, it is more doable.

Break walking schedule

Many people get out of the walking regime in a middle way either due to lack of time to walk down so many steps in a single schedule or to find task tiresome. If your scenarios hit a similar case, you can break your walking schedule into three parts like 15-20 minutes walk after every meal.  Scheduling walking regime three times a day will not only make your job easy but also helps in controlling blood sugars when compared to single schedule walking.

Increase intensity

Up your walking speed as the time passes by because it is one of the effective ways to get pumping heart. Also, you can burn 20% more calories when you increase your pace of walking during workouts when compared to normal walking.

Hit hill

Walking up the hill at least three times a week will not only help you burn more calories but also helps you build muscle mass of the lower body. This increase in lower body muscle mass will induce your metabolism too. When you walk uphill, you might have observed that your body gets exhausted quickly and your heartbeat increases faster. You should always do it a slow pace and increase the frequency of uphill walks at a steady pace to avoid strain to your muscles and also exploit uphill walks at the most.

Low-calorie consumption

Walking is known to be an effective way to shed bodyweight naturally and also increase your bone and muscle weight without any risk. However, have an eye on your calorie consumption to reach weight loss goals through walking.

Drink tea prior to the walk

Boosting your metabolism before your workout regime can create a win-win situation. Drinks like  Green tea will act as a catalyst in these scenarios. The tea is the right blend of caffeine and catechins that help in boosting the fat burning process.  Drinking green tea before your walking regime is known to induce fat burning by promoting thermogenesis and walking helps it further through oxidation.

Vary the pace and take one-minute interval break

Monotony makes anything boring, same is the case with our body too. Rather than walking at a steady speed for the long intervals. Induce the habit of walking at varying pace in your walking routine. Research state that walking at varying speed helps you to burn 20% more calories when compared to steady walking.  Plan to include one-minute intervals in your walking routine to burn even more calories.

Walk smart

Your busy schedules might not permit you to allocate a long time of walking 15000 steps at a go. You might skip the routine accompanying many reasons. Instead, learn to walk smartly to ensure your chosen exercise method contributes to effective weight loss. Choose to go by a staircase in the office instead of escalators and lifts. Park the car at a distant location and choose to walk till the destination rather than taking the vehicle wherever it is needed.  Pick the groceries at the nearest store through walking rather than selecting a bike to shop out. This way you can ensure that you reach the desired number of steps in a day to contribute to your effective weight loss goals.

Body weight exercises


Though walking is an effective weight loss routine, it alone cannot promise you the quick results as expected. It is an amazing way to shed some effective weight naturally. When this walking routine is coupled with body weight exercises, no doubt, it can create wonders.  You can choose any bodyweight exercises like pushups, dips, squats, and anything that contributes to effective weight loss. These exercises, when coupled with a regular walking routine, will increase your heartbeat and helps in high-calorie burning.


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