What is OMAD Diet: Omad Diet For Weight Loss

OMAD diet is a one meal per day diet which results very beneficial in weight loss. As the name suggests, in this diet a person will only consume one meal every day instead of taking two three meals or two three times snacks per day. In other words, it is a diet in which you fast for the 23 hours of a day and the left over one hour is what you get for eating without any restrictions. If you carry on this omad diet alternatively every week then it will lead to better weight loss results along with maintaining good health. Mostly people preferred to eat at the dinner time when they are on omad diet but you can eat any one time as per your convenience and choice. In some situations, the dieters are allowed to take some sort of drinks like green tea or black coffee during the day. This ensures the safe health of an individual since the body of each person varies with various health conditions.

Food Items to include in your one meal a day diet:

To follow the omad diet, one must ensure that the meals you are consuming should be balanced with proper intake of micro and macro nutrients. In the diet, you are getting only one chance to eat as you are fasting the other times, so you should never miss up on any nutrient.

  • A person should include not less than five types of veggies.
  • Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet.
  • Take two-three types of fruits.
  • A vegetarian can consume plant protein in his/her diet like nuts, seeds, beans, pulses etc.
  • You can also take 80 % of dark chocolate in your diet.
  • If you are working out, then ensure you take an egg before starting workout and stay hydrated by taking coconut water after workout.
  • Make sure you drink enough amount of water in your omad diet.
  • You can drink 3-4 cups of green tea throughout the day to improve your digestion.

Should you workout while on the omad diet?

  • When you have just started to follow the omad diet, then you do not have feel energetic enough to work out in the day. It is advisable to do muscles stretching exercises to keep your muscles active.
  • When you will follow the omad diet for some time, you will be able to do muscle toning workouts to tighten your muscle.
  • Always consult your doctor/guardian before trying any workout for your body since everyone’s body is reacts different with the particular medical condition.
  • Practice meditation every day irrespective of whichever diet you are on.

Advantages of an omad diet

The ample amount of benefits offered by following an omad diet is described below:

  • Weight loss: It has been proven scientifically that omad diet aids in losing weight by ensuring better sleep patterns and improve digestion.
  • Improves health markers of type II diabetes: The main sources for type II diabetes are overweight, unhealthy lifestyle, genetics. Research has proved that by intermittent fasting, people are able to lose weight fast and it decreases calorie intake.
  • Protects the heart: The best outcome of following one meal a day is reduces bad cholesterol which will ultimately leads to good heart.
  • Boost your energy: Intermittent fasting will helps you to increase your energy throughout the day. It lowers the levels of cholesterol and fat deposits in the body. These will turn up your cells and will never let you feel tired.
  • Does not deprive you: When you begin following omad diet, it will not deprive you. However, it will let you feel healthy since you are consuming a nutritious and delicious meal rather than eating junk foods. There is no doubt that you have to avoid some food items such as dairy products, beef and bacon, fat and oils and processed foods to avoid any risk of heart and kidneys.

Risks involved in practicing omad diet:

  • Initially omad diet is very difficult to follow. You may feel tired and hungry all the time.
  • It can be possible if you feel weak during the day.
  • It will be difficult for you to concentrate on any other thing.
  • It can lower the metabolism in women’s body.


As you know that bodies of different people respond different to various health conditions, it can be risky to start anything new like omad diet before consulting your doctor. Also, pregnant women or those who are suffering to any particular disease should never try this diet. On the whole, omad diet is a healthy and effective diet that results in weight loss and prevents weight gain. So, waiting for what? Talk to your doctor today and start with the nutritious omad diet.


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