How Juicing Can Change Your Life

Nature has given us everything we need to keep our bodies healthy and in shape or at least prevent any disease and sickness we may face in our lifetime. In fact, it has been scientifically proved that many diseases can be treated more effectively by the regular ingestion of herbs, fruits, and vegetables than modern medicine would do.

A great way to start maintaining and taking care of your health and body in order to prevent diseases for once, and for all is starting juicing. In this article, I am going to be mentioning the reasons and benefits of implementing juicing in our lives. These are the reasons why juices are still too important for our bodies to generate all the sufficient nutrients.

Why Juicing?

Juicing is basically the ingestion of fruits, herbs, and vegetables in liquid form, keeping the pulp, seeds, and solid matter out of it. This way you can have all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and soluble fibers available in the fruits and veggies.

There are plenty of fruits, herbs, and vegetables that have different nutrients, properties, and benefits that can be great for our bodies. It is for that reason juicing is a delicious and great way to combine different fruits and veggies to create powerful juices that will complement your diet.

Since I started juicing, I have noticed an improvement not only in my health but in my mood as well. Lack of nutrients can produce stress and anxiety which are precursors of a bad mood.

Benefits of Juicing

The great thing about juicing is the different benefits you can get from it depending on your combinations and creativity when making your juices. However, most fruits and vegetables have similar vitamins, minerals and, antioxidants that will provide you great benefits.

  • Rejuvenating Effect

Antioxidants are the anti-aging components of the fruits and veggies, the regular consumption of them will, therefore, produce a rejuvenating effect on your body, making you feel more energetic through the years.

  • Cure and Prevent Diseases

Many studies suggest that the consumption of fruit or veggies either in juices or solid form can prevent diseases like Alzheimer, diabetes type 2, heart diseases, and even some types of cancer. Not to mention that they can also cure sicknesses like flu, fevers, and more.

  • Detox and Diet Complement

In the world we are living today there is more pollution than 50 years ago, this not only has affected us but the things we eat as well, reducing its properties and nutrients. Fortunately, juicing can detox our bodies and keep then optimised nutritionally speaking.

“More is not always better”

There is not a doubt that juicing can be a great change in your life, however, you have to keep in mind that fruits have fructose (sugar) that can be not that good for your body in high quantities. It is for that reason you should keep an eye on the amount and what kind of fruits you ingest per day.

Juicing can be done every day, thrice, twice and even once a week, the secret is to combine different fruits and veggies to fully nourish your body.

Masticating Juicers: The Best Juicing Ally

Masticating juicers are the juicing tool for excellence, they are perfect to keep all the fiber out of your juices and just give you the nutrients you need. The good thing about this is that by removing the fiber out of the juices, your body can absorb in a more effective way the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in the fruits and vegetables.

If you don’t like to throw the leftovers of your fruit and veggies once your juice is done, the masticating juicer collects it all for you that can be used in different dishes if you want to. That way you can finally ingest the fiber (pulp and skin of the fruit).

Don’t wait anymore, get yourself the best masticating juicer and start juicing to change your life for better!

To sum up,

So in general, juices can help your body with these benefits:

  • Rejuvenating
  • Curing and preventing diseases
  • Detoxing and enhancing diets

But of course, there is always a limit in drinking juice. It’s better to drink less than 20 oz per day if you want to drink it every day!

Thank you and see you soon


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