Liposuction: Uses, Risks, and Benefits

It is a type of cosmetic surgery that will help you in contouring your body, by targeting the specific area of the body that has fat deposits which are resistant to the exercise and diet you follow. Liposuction attacks the fat where you think the fat in that particular area you can’t lose.

With the help of this treatment, one can get rid of the fat bulges in few hours.

During this procedure, the fat is removed which is deposited under the skin with the help of a cannula (a pen like an instrument) or by using an ultrasonic machine (breaks the fat into pieces) and that will assist in suctioning the fat.
People with reduced fat may choose to experience this surgery to expel fat from that range. Liposuction is a treatment that will mould the body, but this medicine is not prescribed for weight reduction.

This treatment can be done in many parts of the body like back, abdomen, neck, thighs, etc.This procedure is also helpful to reduce the breast size in men and women both.

Liposuction treatment in India has helped many people to get their body in shape. Many cities in India provide this treatment. Cities like:

1. Liposuction treatment in Delhi
2. Liposuction surgery in Mumbai
3. Liposuction surgery in Bangalore
4. Liposuction treatment in Chennai
5. Liposuction treatment in Hyderabad


Many people try to get rid of the fats from a particular area of the body, typically from the mid region of the body like abdomen, back, etc. but nothing works for you – not even exercise. Because these areas are loaded with fat deposits that do not get soften easily.

You may consider this procedure if you have followed all the diet plan and exercise, but nothing has worked.


When you choose your surgeon, then he will be in a better position to explain you about the preparation of the operation. The instructions will be regarding the before and after surgery care such as one has to quit smoking for few months, do medications, schedule the diet, etc.

The recovery span will completely depend upon your ability to follow the instructions as prescribed by your surgeon. The instructions given should be strictly followed by you.



Almost every patient is satisfied with the results after the surgery. But still, being a surgical procedure, it has risks involved in it. Therefore, it is essential that you are aware of all the complications and limitations of the liposuction surgery.

Before undergoing this surgery, you should be aware of all the possible risks and benefits at the same time for your evaluation.

Do not listen/get affected by friends who have undergone this surgery or any doctor who is forcing you to undergo this treatment. Because your friends who have experienced this treatment had a perfect result, but it won’t be same in your case. So, always analysis the risks and facts of your case and take decision accordingly.

Grab your time to decide whether you want to undergo liposuction treatment or not. And as it is a part of the cosmetic surgery, you don’t need to hurry up for the treatment like other medical treatments.


Some infection may occur after liposuction surgery. Many surgeons give drugs after the treatment to cure the wounds, but at the same time, some doctors don’t prescribe any drugs for such injuries. It is always vital to keep the wounds clean so that any infection does not occur from the surgery.

Following are the list of complications that one can face after the liposuction surgery:

1. Shorter of breath or one can face difficulty in breathing, it is because of fat clots that have appeared in lungs
2. Some wounds might occur during the surgery because of the cannula as the surgeon cannot see where it is.
3. Nerve compression and alteration can appear in the treated area
4. Sensations might occur, and that in the rare cases will be permanent also
5. Swelling may occur
6. The skin can even become dead where the treatment had occurred
7. Burning sensation
8. Fluid imbalances, too


Obese, Weight, Loss, Man, Nutritionist, Doctor

1. A large volume of fluid is being injected into the targeted area, and it contains anaesthesia and epinephrine (decreases bleeding)
2. A cannula is inserted through the skin along with the incision
3. The stitches are being closed by the surgeon
4. The approximate time of the surgery is 1 hour per area where the treatment is supposed to be performed under local/general anaesthesia


1. You can do mild exercise after the day of the surgery.
2. Hard activities/tasks can be started after one month of the surgery
3. You have to wear compression garments for minimum for two weeks
4. Do not massage with ice packs or hot bags on the treated area
5. Do not take a bath in Jacuzzi and don’t even go to the beach for at least seven days after the surgery
6. Keep the treated area clean
7. You can take a bath after two days of the surgery
8. Have a regular checkup after the surgery to remove the stitches


It takes few months to get rid of the swelling in the treated area after the liposuction surgery. As the swelling starts to go away, you will find that your body has begun contouring and this will help you in building your self-esteem too.


As you start getting the results after the liposuction treatment, it would be motivating for you to take over the control over your diet and exercise and this will help you in getting a healthy lifestyle.



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