Making First Aid Kit your First Priority

Keeping a first aid box at home for personal care is not an option but something that needs to be there. Every home should have a first aid box because accidents are unpredictable. They are important to treat small injuries and various ailments. It prevents the risk of infection and reduce the severity of any injury. There are all kinds of supplies and painkillers to take care of unexpected wounds.

Make a home first aid box to use at home or travel for the safety of family members. It doesn’t matter whether the box contains comprehensive or basic stuff. It depends on how one is trained to use a first aid box and how far away you are from seeking medical help.

Basics of Personal First Aid Box

While a first aid box for travel needs to be comprehensive when the drug store is not accessible. However a personal first aid box only contains all the basic stuff. It all depends on how an individual is trained to use the supplies. The kit should contain items to treat the symptoms of viral infections such as fever, cough, nasal congestion and sore throat.

Minor traumatic injuries that can be treated are burns, cuts, stings, sprains, strains, splinters and scrapes.

Having all the Supplies

The major benefit of a first aid kit is that it contains all the necessary supplies in one single location. This reduces the time to find various supplies at the time of need. It’s much better when you know all the supplies are present in a box, thus your first instinct in case of an injury will be to reach out for that box. The rule is to place a first aid box in a location which is known and accessible by all the family members at home.

Used for Travelling

First aid is important to treat the basic injuries at home. The chances of accidents increase during travel. It is a smart choice to take a first aid box along on a trip. Whether it’s an accident on the road or a small burn, you can treat it before seeking medical help.

Source of Medical Supply

One cannot put sterile tools at home, but keeping a first aid box means having all the items and supplies together. It makes a good supply of the basic items in case of an emergency. Despite the severity of an emergency you will be able to treat it at home.

Access to Basic Supplies

The kits come in both small and large sizes. It depends on the number of people involved. What matters most is the kind of supplies present in the box. The items present in the box should be able to treat all kinds of minor injuries and prevent infections. OTC drugs should also be present with expiration date to be used at the time of an accident.

Having the right medical supplies is what counts as well. Make sure you have the basic supplies like adhesive tape, plaster, sterile pad, wound dressing, roller bandages, disposable gloves, pocket masks, gauze pads, alcohol-free cleansing wipes, pins, clips, scissors, thermometer and tweezers.

Helps during Various Situations

Emergencies like accidents, natural disasters or any other health issues can occur anytime. In such cases, a person’s knowledge about a first aid box can be very helpful. Medical practitioners always take time to reach at the scene of an accident. So, it’s better to be self-sufficient for one’s own safety at least.

Ensure Safe and Right Medical Assistance

Having a first aid box means having the right and sterile equipment to help a person. A human can only survive for six minutes without oxygen. After that a human brain expires. Thus, any kind of ineptitude will not help to save a life. But, having the right medical assistance like a first aid box can prevent a person from dying if not save treat the injury properly.

Thus, it’s important that all homes should have a first aid box. Injuries can happen anywhere and anytime. Having a first aid kit at home means that it can be easily accessed and ensure safety at home. The kit can help reduce chances of infection from open wounds and prevents it from becoming severe. A well-stocked first aid kit helps to respond effectively at the time of an emergency. Keep at least one first-aid kit in your home at an accessible location. Make sure you store the kits somewhere which is easy to reach for young children as well.

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