Personal Lubricants – Silicone vs Water-Based

When it comes to making the decision between the right lubricants, it is important to know that both silicone and water-based solutions are safe to use according to the Lube Zone’s Personal Lubricant website. However, they are different and they both come with their own strength and weaknesses. This is why it might even be a good idea to try both and see which you prefer the best.

A Few Drops of Lube Can Improve Your Experience

Regardless of your reason (and depending on whether you use condoms or not), lacking the right amount of lubrication can be a distracting, painful and uncomfortable feeling. Most women experience times when additional lubrication can improve their experience, as well as for their partner. This is a main reason why most couples turn to lubricants without a second thought. So let’s look at the basics:

Silicone-Based Lubes

These are slick and water useable (in showers, hot tubs, swimming pools, lakes, etc). When using it, there is a less likely need to have multiple applications (when compared to water-based lubes). In general, they require water and soap for clean up. It is advisable to use them sparingly and avoid their contact with surfaces, as you would not want to slip later!

Keep in mind that although silicone-based lubes may be more expensive as compared to water-based options, silicone lubricants go a long way and they are perfect for long-lasting results. The lubricant itself is ideal, as just a few drops are enough in a single application, allowing you to save money for the long term. Note that they are also a safer choice for use compared to latex condoms.

Water Based Lubes

These are quite slippery and may need applications over again. Cleaning them is much easier with water, and you can turn to them as high quality, and body safe choices that state they are glycerin-free, petrochemical-free and paraben free.

Water based lubricants are also famous for the added benefits they bring along. This means they are incredibly easier to wash off after use and they leave your skin smooth, silky, and free of any form of residue.

Silicone Vs Water-Based Lubricants: Which One is better?

As with any moving parts, good lubrication is important. But when it comes to making the right decision, it is important to know that you can maximize the results when you find the solution which is most comfortable for you.

Silicone lubricants are not expensive and they came a long way in terms of safety. They are great on the skin and they do not come with any side effects such as irritation. This is why it is widely used by many people as it allows you to enjoy better lubrication which is also safe for the skin.

Available in Different Textures

Water-based lubricants come with a different texture. They are also lighter and this brings them closer to what your body naturally produces. This is why, it is imperative to know you can find great results when it comes to lubrication with the water-based solutions, which are also very friendly to the skin.

In both cases, the lubricants can be used in different quantities. Even large quantities of lubricant don’t come with side effects and this is why it is essential to know that you can see improved results when it comes to better friction, which is closer to the natural processes.

The main difference between the lubricants comes with the oral side. This is where the natural texture of the water-based solutions allows for a more pleasant experience which is also very similar to the natural experience. It is also true that the water-based solutions don’t leave any residue on the skin. They are gradually absorbed into the skin and this can also come as a major benefit when it comes to practicality.


The good news is that both options are latex-friendly and this is where you will need to make a decision which is in line with your preferences. If you feel comfortable with silicone, then you can continue using it. At the same time, drawbacks such as residues or weight textures might keep you or your partner away.

If you want to use a water-based solution, you will need to look for a tested product which is also safe to the skin, especially as it gets fully absorbed in time. This means that this solution is closer to the natural side of things and that it can still offer the lubrication you need, regardless of your needs. It is thus a personal decision which might even be one you make together with your partner. In truth, if you haven’t tried both, it might even be difficult to establish your personal winner clearly, and this is why, even with safety in mind, you can try both solutions to make a final choice.  Just make sure that you turn to the best brands and products to ensure that you are in the safe zone.


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