Simple Ways to Live a Longer, Happier & Healthier Life

Do you know how you can live a longer life? Or a how do you stay happy? Well, no one can really say as to what those secrets because everybody experiences life in a different manner. The definition of happiness for some may be different from those who find happiness in being healthy. And if you are student, you deserve to be happy so get the dissertation help & relax while concentrating on something that’s going to be actually beneficial for yourself.

Although some aspects of life are universally accepted and we could all agree on that if we stick by it, we can ensure both longevity and health/happiness. What are they? Read on below to find out for yourself.

Eat healthy

There is no denying that junk food is an absolute killer and is a surefire way of shortening your life expectancy. The best part of junk food is that it tastes yummy but that is the craving that you should be willing to beat. So get the right foods enter your system.

What are right foods? Anything which is directly hailed from nature. Vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy items, beans, nuts, whole grain items and the likes thereof. They are natural foods. Processed food is taking the best years of our lives away without us even realising.


Good night’s sleep is a must! I can’t emphasise this any further. We are such workaholics that by compromising on our sleep, we think that we are being productive. Well, we are sadly mistaken. We have developed an antidote to this by increasing caffeine intake. But trust that is destroying you from within as well.

What to do? Simple, the answer lies in front of you. Sleep. 6-8 hours of sleep is essential for a human body to function at its optimum. If you don’t turn schedule around, you are contributing to your shortened life expectancy by, experts suggest, 15%. So promise, you will ensure a well-needed shut-eye.

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, quit now. Although, I’m a light sleeper myself but I don’t smoke. So those of you who smoke as if there is no tomorrow should consider quitting now or start with reducing the number of cigarettes per day. Meanwhile, I should focus on getting ample sleep. Do you wish to die 7 years sooner?

In addition to above,

  1. Stay physically fit by exercising.
  2. Find time to socialize and I mean meeting people in real and not on Facebook.
  3. Dream and mustn’t be afraid to dream big.
  4. Keep the thirst of excellence/knowledge alive.
  5. Make time for the loved ones, always.
  6. Lastly, say gratitude

And you will go a long way living a fulfilling life.


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