3 Reasons Your Turf Shoes Is Broken

As much as the selection of right turf shoes is outstanding, making most out of it is also an essential part of keeping your shoe right. The turf shoes are one of the high sports utilities that a sportsman wants to own. Therefore while spending lots of money on your turf shoes; you must also make most out of it.

Why is the right pair of turf shoes important for you?

There are lots of turf shoes available in the market, and therefore you must keep in mind the importance of having a right pair of turf shoes as well. The turf shoes must be selected according to your requirements and the game you want to play as well as the ground you are playing which will determine what pair of turf shoes will be the most suitable for you.

Here are some reasons why the right pair of turf shoes is important for you:

1. Improves your performance:

The turf shoes will not only provide you a proper grip and support, but it has a lot to do with your performance too. The turf shoes must be selected according to your right size and game; this will allow you to choose the right studs as well as provide you the support you are looking for in shoes. The grip and support will also help you improve your performance in the game as well as excel in your skills at the same time.

2. Prevents injuries:

A good pair of turf shoes also helps in preventing the injuries. When you don’t receive the required grip and support, you might end up twisting and slipping on the field which can result in various injuries and damages to your feet as well as other parts of the body. When you have a better hold on the ground, there are fewer chances for you to fall and get injured therefore a good and right pair of turf shoes will help you have the advantage to reduce the likelihood of injuries.

3. Provide support and comfort:

Sports required long hours of practice as well as playing hours are long and tiring too, that is why a good pair of turf shoes will provide comfort and ease to your feet in the long hours of activities and sports. Turf shoes are designed to deliver your grip on the field and support to your feet and leg at the same time, in long hours of activities in the sports field.

What are the reasons for the broken turf shoes?

While you have lots of benefits from the turf shoes, the turf shoes also required more care than any regular sports shoes. Proper attention and cleaning will allow your shoes to extend your life as well as improve the performance of the shoes as well.

1. No proper cleaning of the turf shoes:

The turf shoes required a good and complete cleaning of the shoes now, and then, when the dirt and mud are gathered on the cleats and studs of the turf shoes it will not allow performing better. That is why the studs and cleats need to be cleaned properly on a regular basis. When the mud and dirt dry up, it forms a solid part of the shoes which reduce the friction and support of the shoes as well. Other than this the shoes will also become uneven from different parts which don’t allow the shoes to perform as it should be. Therefore always clean the shoes and scrap the excessive mud and dirt out of the shoes to improve its performance as well as extend the life of your turf shoes.

2. Drying of shoe leather and cracking:

Other than the bottom part of your turf shoes, your upper part has its importance too. The leather of your turf shoes can get dried up if it is left alone for a long time. The drying of the leather will produce the cracks and result in breaking of the shoes as well that is why proper care of your turf shoes leather is required. You can apply shoe lubricants as well as shoe softeners which are made to provide the moisture to your leather part of the shoe. By using any lubricant to your turf shoes will extend its life and slow makes it waterproof, prevents dryness and cracking of the leather surface as well as reduces the application of the mud and dirt on the shoes too.

3. Keeping your turf shoes outdoors:

The atmosphere and environment outdoors will minimize the life of your turf shoes. When you are done playing outdoors or indoors, bring your shoes inside your home and secure it in a clean place. Leaving the shoes outdoors is terrible for the shoe condition as well as life. The outdoor environment such as sunlight, dirt, pollution, water and wetness when interacted with the shoes in the long term will cause the shoes to damage from these elements. If you want to protect your shoes from breaking try to keep it dry and secure it in a clean indoor place. Shoes which are left outdoors tends to break fast as the material of the shoes loosens up from the excess water and sunlight.


I hope you’ve finally understood why a turf shoe is broken and found this blog post helpful. Nonetheless, if you still don’t have a turf shoe, and want to purchase one of the best ones, here’s an awesome review of turf shoes at fieldhockeyreview.com you should check.


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