Snoring, Is It Life Threatening?

Do you know we don’t get bothered about things until we get to know that which they connote, probably their side effects or risk factors?

Some of us might have indulged in drug self-medication until we get to know the act is unhealthy because of its health effects.

Being a medical physiologist has helped me save my dad. And how did this happen? He happens to be a big Lad, and obviously, he is overweight, and the annoying part is that he snores loud…

I dare not allow him to sleep before i do and you know exactly what I mean if you do have a partner, friend or family member that snores.

Initially, I wasn’t so disturbed about this lifestyle of his until I discovered the health effect and how life threatening the act is during one of my research. Studies show that People who snore are at a very high risk of dying early.

Our body has different dynamic ways of responding to changes or activities that go on in the system. One of the signs of overweight is snoring and its risk factor starts from the respiratory system and after that affects other organs in the body.

Snoring is an unhealthy act which must be given attention because it’s the way your body responds to the need of oxygen. When you sleep, it is optimal that you breathe through your nose and mouth and any blockage of your airways, and obstruction in your mouth as a result of other tissue lining your throat will lead to vibration known as snoring.

Common causes of snoring

  • Age
  • Alcohol Intake
  • Nasal and sinus problem
  • Being overweight
  • Sleep position
  • Menopause
  • Asthma

Effect of snoring on one’s health

Snoring affects the Cardiovascular system: The cardiovascular system deals with the heart, and this is one of the organs that this unhealthy habit affects. Snoring strains the heart

There are ways of dealing with this health issue as changing of position when sleeping can reduce or stops you from snoring, but that isn’t just a permanent solution.

Effective ways to deal with snoring:-

Lose weight

Loss of body mass helps some people to deal with snoring but not everyone. Have you noticed thin people snore too? Most time when we’ve outwork ourselves during the day we have the tendency to snore at night. But this isn’t an anomaly as to those who are overweight.

If you are overweight and snore, one of the ways to deal with snoring is to lose some body weight. Some stats show that daily physical activities and regular intake of chai tea can help to shed off some body mass.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol affects you by reducing the resting tone of your throat, muscle, increasing your temerity to snore. It is advisable that you do away with alcohol for hours before going to bed. Abstinence from alcohol will help you overcome the act of snoring.

Intake of Vitamin C

Sinuses contribute to snoring by obstructing the airways. One of the ways to clear the clogged airways is through the intake of vitamin c because it helps to improve the body immune system.

Sleeping position

Sleeping is one of the ways to deal with snoring. I’ve heard some say they know exactly when they start to snore and the best way to deal with that is to change their sleeping position and sleep sideways.


Not everyone can tolerate the habit of snoring, but we are not going to run away from our loved ones. Listed above are some effective ways to help your loved ones that snore.