Top 9 Reasons For Hair Loss In Men And Women

Hair loss also known as baldness or medically termed as alopecia is a prominent concern in today’s self optimised world. Everyone is concerned about their looks if not they want to look younger or be presentable when they meet someone for which baldness is a directly link. There are two types of baldness temporary and permanent which will be expanded below and also explains which can be cured and which can’t be. The following are the top 9 reasons for hair loss:


Illness can be flu, thyroid, cancer, etc.. which are temporary or permanent. The hair loss or hair thinning will also be dependent on that. When its temporary illness hair is regenerated after a while you are recovered from your illness. But when its irrecoverable hair loss also cannot be stopped but there are a few treatments which can help you which may cost a high rate and you would prefer to stay bald. Hair loss is also caused due to certain medications used for acne, antibiotics, antidepressants, etc. Hence intake of large number of pills should also be stopped.


The hormonal changes in men and women is also an important cause for hairloss. The main culprit is DTH(dihydrotestosterone). It shrinks the hair follicles which is called hair thinning and slowly kills the generation of healthy hair which intern makes you bald. Hence hormonal balance is a must in both men and women.


In today’s busy world everyone has there own worries and many are feed of there kids crying, their workplace, and some because they are pregnant and a few even because of their wives. All these tensions should be relaxed by taking a day off and spending time in a spa at your door step or doing something you love, your forgotten hobby can be bought back in track.


This is due to genes of your parents or the generation cycle because of which you start losing hair at a very young age. In a simpler sense it is because any one of you family tree cycle has or both your parents has it. This can’t be cured fully but today’s technology has made a few treatments which helps you with hair generation.


One more reason for hair loss at an early stage is because of the improper diet of people. Some of them are; too much of vitamin A or vitamin B deficiency or lack of proteins, lack of zinc, etc. This can be overcome by following a balanced diet. A diet which is balanced means there is nothing high and nothing low everything is balanced.


Trauma or shocks can also cause hair loss. Surgeries are also another reason for the same. Hairstyles which causes burns or tying your hair too tight causes hair fall due to dryness causes and extensive pulling of hair. Less use of straighteners and blow drying will prevent damage to your hair.


This is a factor genuine to all, maintaining your hair keeping it clean, handling with care, etc. This should be done personally and no one can help you with this unless you are still dependent on your mother. Oiling your hair time to time is also required and some masks such as onion, eggs which help regeneration of hair is also very helpful in reducing hair fall. Trimming your hair when necessary also comes under this.

8. AGE:

No person in this world is immortal everyone has to grow old as and when time goes on. And when hair loss is due to this reason there is much remedy for it. But some people even when have reached 50yrs or so doesn’t experience hair fall and these are the one’s whose advice we can follow but if the time is to late you can reach out for other treatments.


Pollution is a factor which can’t be controlled in many of the cities. This also causes hair fall because the dust and various other factors settles down in your head and causes hair loss by giving birth to splitends, dandruff, etc. This can be controlled by covering your hair with a mask before you go out or travel in a closed vehicle, etc. Your preference.

All these above points cover all the main reasons for hair fall and a few suggestions to overcome it. Hope it helps you.