How to Stay in Shape While on Vacation – 7 Ways To Stay Fit

Vacation is all about treating ourselves – we deserve it. We all need this little vacation to refill our energy levels and relaxation is definitely on the menu. However, you should never forget about giving in an opportunity to squeeze in a little exercise. Earlier, you had noticed that if you give up activity for a week, you’ll be cursing when you try to get back into your workout routine and your fitness has plummeted.

You want to look and feel at your best when you’re on your vacation, so try these activities while you’re away:

1. Swimming

Sitting by the pool is a must, but once you’re done soaking up the sun, take a dip. Do some laps or just tread water. Going for swim first thing in the morning is a great way to wake yourself up before breakfast, so you’re ready to make the most of your trip. If you’re near a beach, you could even go swimming in the sea; just be careful of rip tides.

2. Yoga

Great for toning and increasing flexibility, yoga is both relaxing and great exercise. When al fresco and surrounded by beautiful scenery, you can completely forget about work stresses. It also feels amazing when you’ve just woken up to get those muscles stretched out. Yoga is healing and helps sore muscles recover from yesterday’s workout.

3. Gym

Stay in a hotel that’s fitness friendly. Many have their own gyms and offer classes while your partner is still in bed. Depending on your location you could be doing anything from yoga on the beach to indoor spin. Finding a fitness holiday is easier than you might think – just search in Google for hotels which specialises in healthy trips away that’ll trim you down. Just in case you missed that treadmill…


4. Cycling

By doing your research in advance, there should be opportunities to go for a bike ride. Not only will this be great fitness-wise, but it’ll give you an opportunity to explore the local area. Rent a bike with a basket and take a picnic with your partner. There are tremendous health benefits of cycling, including better mental health, improved cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, more strength, etc.,

5. Walking

Climb a mountain and see an ancient temple or go for a stroll along the beach. Put on your walking shoes wherever you go, even if it’s just going for a day-long shopping trip in the nearest city. The higher the incline, the more calories you burn off. Without a bike, walking is also the next best thing for exploration.

6. Surfing

Along the coast, there are many opportunities to grab a surf board and learn to ride the waves. After a few days you’ll look like a total beach babe, and this great workout will train every muscle in your body. Sure, you may fall off a lot, or collide into innocent tourists, but surfing will keep you in ship-shape.

7. Volleyball

Another beach-orientated activity is volleyball! Rig up a net and grab your travel companions for a game. That failing, sucker some sexy beach dudes into joining you. This’ll be a fun alternative to exercising by yourself and will feel less like a chore and more like an exciting activity that you’ll be happy to do time and time again. Hey, you may even make new friends!

Author Bio: Vijay Diwakar is founder of MyBeautyGym. His blog provides information on Weight Loss, Living a Healthy Life, Beauty Tips, Building Muscles and Fashion Trends and much more!